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May 19 [Sat], 2012, 10:45
hogan uomo clearly stated that "pressure" of the expression. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Japan, Gao Hong, deputy director of analysis, "high pressure" refers to the context of hegemony, from the side of the restriction or oppression. China does not exist in Japan, the United States in particular, US-Japan alliance, "power" has no intention to engage in confrontation with its neighbors. This argument is completely irresponsible.

"After the collision last year in Japan, Diaoyu Islands and pulled into the" US-Japan Security Treaty ", which itself is in China to take" pressure "situation in Japan is the aggressive attitude. " Chinese Society ASTRI Japanese researcher says Lui.

He hogan donna said that China as early as in 2005 published "Chinas Peaceful Development Road" white paper, that the Chinese government and people for the peaceful development of serious choice and solemn promise.

"Japan on the one hand exaggerating" China threat ", while also quoted as Miyako Chinese ships through the Strait of so-called concrete examples, to express Chinas military presence in the uneasiness surrounding waters. Chinas actions and no violation of international law, it fully reflects Japans "no indication of psychological". "international relations professor Yang Bojiang said.

Is hogan outlet worth noting that Japan is still China non-military, peaceful development of science and technology make a big fuss.
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