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May 18 [Fri], 2012, 11:17
large-denomination  hogan sito ufficiale  of the real name to it? This measure useless to us. " Gentleman in a state-owned enterprises to work, he said, during the holidays, units are issued gift cards, generally mostly small-denomination supermarket card, "Dragon Boat Festival is just made with the card, I get basically the 500 and 1000, regardless of who is going to register to buy the card, I consume when they do not register my name. " " So I think the real name system for gift cards to bribery of people who not binding, can not get 10, 000 a, 10 a thousand is not able to sent you? "

in the" views ", not only for the anonymous face value of gift cards makes provision, also called "unit one Gouka amounted to 5, 000 (or more) or the amount of personal disposable Gouka $ 50, 000 (or more), and purchased by bank transfer, not use of cash. "

This hogan scarpe  provision has also been" discounted. " Reporters call Beijing to Gouka name another supermarket, the staff told reporters: "If you do not want to transfer, can be divided into multiple paid in cash, are less than the required number of each does not have to? " < p> It is understood that the flow of the market, there are three main types of gift cards, one card of individual consumption by retail merchants, specialty chain businesses such as distribution, only its own merchants, supermarkets, shopping cards fall into this category; a by professional card companies to distribute, can be used in a number of merchants; there is a number of merchants in both use and can use their companys department store.

reporter then interviewed a store manager, he said, in fact, the shopping mall has a registration card sales, but did not register one identity and the authenticity verification unit. In addition, the unit purchase shopping card users and buyers of inconsistency is also a problem. Currently, regulators have not yet clearly defined how to punish.

"new world more expensive card, 9. 5 fold adduction; friends and Wal-Mart in the lower, 9. 3 fold. Is the price of children, how many in your hand? " Reselling gift cards "cattle "asked the reporter.
small  hogan 2012 shopping card, hidden behind a gray multi-beneficiary interests chain, "Scalpers" This is a key part of the chain.
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