Women and Children

May 17 [Thu], 2012, 12:56
jrodan heels research project is an enterprise fancy, their research team developed a sudden, out of the previous constraints of life. Their green card applications are down, Ying thought I could breathe. They plan with more than a child, of course, best boy. Second when the mothers Li Ying, though with "advanced maternal age", but Ying parental care, their daughter is actually quite successfully born.

family of intellectuals thought there is no "patriarchal" tradition, until the full hundred days when the little girl, Li Ying has not received a gift from the grandparents of the red envelopes. In contrast, the grandparents are old and sick body dragging, has been busy busy boss sent abroad to school, take care of newborns, their pensions will be all out 200 thousand yuan, daughter, son buy a house together a head section www.airjordanheelsaustralia.com .

Ying aware of the "serious situation", but child care, housework, let her have time to think, communicate and Zhang Shan, also less time to communicate a lot.

drastic changes in the husband had an affair

daughter at least 11 years old, at least 4 years old daughter, Li Ying has entered the age of 40, she thought life can be This step by step to go on, she no sentimentality, no "literary youth, " the passion, more than a boss hand materials, second child of elderly parents, toys and walking stick.

Not long ago, Li Ying in chat with friends, I suddenly learned that Zhang Shan had an affair, and is a graduating engineering graduate students, young, beautiful, talented, but also " second-generation rich. " A week later, Zhang Shan showdown, and filed for divorce, but there is no room for rotation. He proposed that Li Ying no life skills, as well as children have the surname "Chang", he should have taken away; economy, they have always been "moonlight clan", not how much property can be divided. As for the half of the house, can give Li Ying, Li Ying sold to get cash.

Meanwhile, Zhang Shan of Li Ying said, "You have changed, not only has not been his progress, but also with a good child; the same time, do not take care of her in-laws, but have been with their parents, by his support. " Yings mind completely numb, her parents heartbroken. Friends rushed to Li Ying ideas, she must not tell the child to Zhang Shan, but also to apply, "Women and Children Protection Act to protect themselves. Li Ying to tell reporters after a time, the eyes have tears. The face of young children, elderly parents, she must be "self-reliance. " Valentines Day comes, to the sisters told her that "women must be strong and independent, " do not "rely on her husband" live hogan donna .
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