is not over yet? 

2006年05月25日(木) 18時31分
just watched the X-3, it was better than i thought.

But the journey haven't end, in the matter effect, it just started, but what is the next chapter of the X-MEN. If MAGNETO had cured back to mortal, why would he playing chess, and with who? Is XAVIER really gone? Will the Phoenix strike back again? It would be another question for the new series now!!

The last chapter of the Trilogy 

2006年05月19日(金) 9時27分

The final chapter of the trilogy has finally arrived,
but unfotunately my doo no longer watching with me, sorry buzz!!

Which side u gonna stand for?

is Finally OVER!! 

2006年03月31日(金) 19時57分
Today is the day, the last day of March.

The Missing Key!! 

2006年03月25日(土) 2時22分
Where the heck is your key??

u know guys, sometime in ur life, have u ever forgot or leave ur key in

Monkey Bussiness 

2006年03月22日(水) 20時50分
original soundtrack featuring Jack Johnson

CLICK to see this little monkey's bussiness

Who gonna Back U up? 

2006年03月22日(水) 18時39分

Would u Back Me UP?

U know, sometime in ur life, have u ever thought of how ur buzz would do while u @ a critical moment?While u ar sick, suffering the pain of long working hour, curious of the dream girl of ur life would do, thinking the decision of ur life, is ur buzz backing u up?

I told everyone as always, i'am a lucky BASTARD. 'cause i knew i have a whole team of BASTARD'S Buzz to BACK ME UP


Garth Algar Said............ 

2006年03月20日(月) 6時14分
Just think it over, we shouldn't work for big cooperation,
like Garth Algar said
"IT would be too sad to live with that"

So, i think i should make some change, is not as good as Mr. and Mrs. Speedy, but i think it should do the job!!

Back to the BEGINNING??? 

2006年03月20日(月) 3時59分
Hey, BRO, after a few weeks of adjustment, I'm back to where i started ~_~

During the incident of server updating, MR. BLING has gone back to his MOUNTAIN HOME with HIS HOMEY--Mr. HomoJackson(if u know what i meant*_*, so get over it, no more BROKEN LEG, BROKEN HEAD, BROKEN FINGERHAIL joke please)!!

Soo, March of the Twentyth--The second last week of the
March of Death!!!

Since everyone had got a whole new meaning of LIFE,
included Mr. ALMOST inLoVe, Mr. new-Phone DUDE,
Mr. SPEEDY MAN and his most missed person on earth --- Ms. BUGGIE the COLOURFUL.....

OF COURSE, myself Mr. K.o.D.N.M. AKA "King of Delay NoMore" is now back to business to Keeping the BATTLE with the MARCH of DEATH, hoping the last man standed would be one of our side, 'cause Mr. SPEEDY MAN has already HALF PASS DEATH!!!

Reminding all of our fellowship, THE JOY of APRIL is up ahead, i can almost tasted it, so CARRY ON..CARRY ON......

LADY and GENTLEMAN, may i present U,
the JOY of APRIL

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