Product reviews Samsung monster beats SGH-D900

July 07 [Sat], 2012, 17:17
With manufacturers branching off into more specialized models like being a PDA or MP3 player cell phone with no camera, or having a camera phone without MP3 player to cater to more specific user needs, Samsung remain a great choice packing all extras into their phones without compromising on quality.Samsung's cell phones are fast earning a reputation of being one of the best all round performers coming loaded with features and being both reliable and stylish. Samaung's range
Beats By Dre Pro cover all the usual suspect of flippers, sliders and block cell phones and most come stuffed full of features. I've owned several Samsung's like the SGH-T100, D-600, D-730. Family members and friends have owned other Samsung cell phones with a current favorite being the SGH-D900.

The SGH-D900's opening slide function can be set to be inactive or active for a number of functions. The active slider can unlock the phone and keypad, lock the keypad, accept calls and reject calls. Other features include:- 3.19 Megapixel digital camera with LED flash, auto-focus, and also with basic editing.- 70 MB of memory plus a MicroSD memory card slot expanding it by an extra 2GB.- Bluetooth technology.- Fully customizable wallpapers and screensavers.- MP3 Player with ability to set as ring tones.- Quad-band capabilities.- Hands-free function.It also has the regulars of a calendar/planner, alarm, timer, calculator and games, both integrated and downloadable.The 3.19 Megapixels camera gives the Samsung D900 one of the best integrated cameras available. With clear color footage it acts as a great gadget to capture all kinds of weird and wonderful moments that's always with
Beats By Dre Studio you, in your pocket, just a slide away. The 70MB memory and added option of a MicroSD memory card gives you the ability to have a library of music to play through your headphones or through the built in speaker. Battery life is generally good but it is all relative to usage with the camera, video and MP3 player eating away at it increasing the need for charging.As more and more features and extras are added, cell phones are becoming more delicate and susceptible to breakages and damage. Gone are the days of the virtually indestructible cell phone like Nokia's 1100, 3310 and 5210. In this day and age of more delicate phones, Samsungs remain one of the more robust and sturdy cell phones, able to take knock after knock without instantly fearing
monster beats the worst.