Bringing tech to your adventures

September 06 [Thu], 2012, 15:45

These exceptional little cameras are so popular because at such a small size they are extremely portable,Landscape lighting or tagheuerwatches refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes. easy to use and produce great HD quality images and video. You can take them and mount them anywhere, both above and underwater.LED light bulbs Comparison Charts showing cost-effectiveness of lightprojectshh versus CFL and Incandescent light bulbs.

The Go Pro’s rugged design ensures it is fit for outdoor use. Furthermore, it comes with a waterproof case, allowing you to capture footage down to 197 feet of water.

“Recently our most popular item is the Dive Housing, which is a flat glass lens that allows for maximum photo and video sharpness underwater in all resolutions,Leading Online Resource for your cncrouter Fixture Needs. free of vignetting,” says Kiristen Cousins of Waterman.

“Waterproof to 197 feet, the dive housing is ideal for diving, snorkeling and any underwater filming scenario.”

The great thing about the Go Pro is that it allows you to capture video at unique angles from your surf board, paddle board, bike or other sports equipment.

It is the world’s most versatile camera; able to be worn or mounted virtually anywhere. There are flat and curved adhesive mounts which have glue on the bottom so you can stick them to practically any surface.

There is also a handlebar seat post mount, roll bar mount, chest mount harness, suction cup mount, surf board mount, helmet mount, head strap, tripod mount, wrist housing and camera tethers.

“When shooting on a board, you can really get the experience the rider is having. When off of the board, you get it from a different perspective, such as scenery and the surroundings,” says Kiristen. “It’s great seeing videos that combine the two, so you can get the full overall experience.”

The option of Wifi lets you connect to your Smartphone or tablet to instantly watch and share videos, this also allows you to use your devices as a remote control.

The Wifi remote control is a useful accessory. You can wear it on your wrist and take photos and video with the press of a button. This comes in very useful when surfing or skating, since you don’t have to bend over and press the button every time you want to take a picture or start and stop recording.

“There is so much that can be done with these cameras. Besides mounts, you can purchase different housings and filters that offer more variety when shooting. For example, we carry a 3D housing which when used with 2 Go Pros’ you get 3D video,” says Kiristen.

As well as these brilliant little cameras, Waterman is looking into another high-tech treat for the future.

Ever wanted to know what kinds of sea creatures emerge from their rocks once the sun goes down? With a new LED lighting strip on paddleboards,LED lights use less power and last for much longer than ledstriplightry. you need wonder no more.

The LED light strip offers people a completely unique experience. The area of illumination is from 15’ to 40’ and the effective area of illumination varies depending on water depth and clarity.

With Cayman’s beautifully clear waters, it should be possible to be able to see a few feet below the board at least.

“It is a great idea for our night paddles. It’s all about having fun while we are out in the water together,” says Kiristen,LED light,LED building light,gardenlighting, led landscape light, led architectural light,led wallwasher light. “we recently did a full moon paddle and it would help us to see where our clients are in the water to ensure that they are staying safe while with us.”

Waterman do not currently have the LED lighting panels in stock however they are currently waiting to hear back from the company to see how they can source them in. Soon, night paddles in dark, unlit water will be a thing of the past.