when the current intermittent operation of the mill increased

March 27 [Tue], 2012, 11:56

Why is the row of ore concentration is too large or too small?

When the row of ore concentration greater than the specified concentration requirements, zirconium silicate mining equipment price we must first find what is causing.

First check to see whether there is change in amount of ore to the mine records, silica sand filter if the increase, if no other reason, the amount of ore to adjust down. Any change or check the water pressure, such as depression (realized to reduce the water flow) caused by the concentration is too large, impact crusher in India it should be a corresponding reduction in the amount of ore in order to adapt to change. If you increase the water can be effective, you can also adjust the amount of water to adjust the concentration. If the concentration is less than the requirements, the adjustment method and the concentration of too much the opposite. To note that the adjustment process, we must pay attention to the other operating conditions with or without change, to prevent trade-off.

mill operation suddenly tube sound becomes shrill what is the reason?

When the mill in operation, the cylinder internal voice becomes shrill, if the duration longer to stop and check liner break damage break damage phenomena; check to the amount of ore is inadequate, generally found that this phenomenon is mainly These two kinds of reasons. Of course, sometimes, minor repairs, pay no attention to the wrench, or other iron lost in the cylinder body to cause abnormal sound.

If the cylinder internal intermittent dull sound of impact, it may be a piece of liner off; if the ball mill is a sudden discharge of small steel balls and ore block, said internal grid plate damaged.

when the current intermittent operation of the mill increased what is the reason?

From the production practice, if the current ammeter instructions on the operation panel, intermittent cyclical rise, the common reason is: when the mill ministries in normal operation, you need to find mud spoon head, then the mud spoon head is may be loose, loosening of the spoon head is caused by the current cyclical intermittent elevated. Of course, should also check the bottom of the mud spoon the ball or other iron to impede the rotation of the mud spoon.

If the current continues to rise, not to return to the rated current, it may be caused by the mill load is too large or low voltage. Belong to mine large cause to be adjusted to the amount of ore, mechanical problems caused by the load is too large, you should stop treatment. The low voltage caused by purely external power reasons, the positive ground observation with or without changes and motor temperature.

when the feed size increases or ore hardness larger grinding process?

The sudden appearance of this phenomenon, often due to the broken system screening equipment failure or sieve the end of a leaky, resulting in particle size increases. Changes in ore hardness, may be due to the mining face, with the mine caused. Appear in both cases, the grinding process will cause a corresponding change. First row of ore particle size coarsening, the second is to return the amount of sand increases.

The adjustment is to increase the row of ore concentration, increasing the concentration of the classifier overflow to make back the amount of sand down. If the fineness can not be resolved, may be appropriate to reduce the amount of ore to process.