Held in Jinan, Shandong Teng Ding football club press conference

July 24 [Wed], 2013, 11:18
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morning of July 23, Teng Ding football club press conference, held in Jinan, Shandong province. And declared the former Dinamo Wang Dong [Twitter], Luneng [microblogging] Tarzan team player Yang Chen [Twitter], Dr YEUNG wide [Twitter] and 7 Luneng 93 age players to join the team. At the meeting, Shandong Teng Ding football club chairman Chang Jun introduced the team's current condition, and hope to get the community's strong support, for Shandong Luneng team support.
SINA sports news on July 24 night, nike air max 95 salemen's soccer, China will celebrate the second opponent of the current East Asian Cup, dzhafar Irismetov Korea team. As the time is just two days from the first game, taking into account the physical state of some team members, coach of Fu Bo [microblogging] decided to make appropriate adjustments to the lineup. First game into the third particle into the ball of the Sun [microblogging] driving force and Yang Hao are expected to starting and combination became the largest variables in the Defender position.
SINA sports news Beijing time July 24 early this morning, AC Milan [micro-Bo] in TIM Cup triangle race in the despite penalty defeated has Juventus [micro-Bo], but 1-2 lost to promoted horse Sassuolo zhihou, embarrassed to points bottom, Defense players Antonini also in game in the injured away from field was rushed to hospital, not only so, this session in Reggio Emilia for of TIM Cup, also because racism storm and let Red Black regiment of soldiers were anger was.
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