Rockets open selling Jeremy Lin jersey

July 20 [Fri], 2012, 18:23
Spain Away Soccer Jersey The Rockets held a news conference, Jeremy Lin officially became a piece of Houston. In addition, the Rockets official website initiated a policy of pushing Jeremy Lin's No. 7 jersey. Gifted the fact that the Chinese genius will end up the modern owner's cash cow. Jeremy Lin jerseys highest price reached $ 230, far more than Yao Ming jersey $ 153 peak period price.

Open the rocket's Dan Hampton Jersey official website, and all four from the main page headlines overall picture about Jeremy Lin - Jeremy Lin to sign up with, owner Leslie Alexander, Jeremy Lin joined the conference, Jeremy Lin jerseys -worth the money ?, and Jeremy Lin was formally signed.

3 photos with map text to "Come to customize your LinShuHao shirt!" Click, the mix LinShuHao rocket jersey immediately greeted. Ranging in price from A.Ayew Jersey $ 37 to $ 55, and also there vary designs of home and away, not to mention and Jeremy Lin Tee shirt and the fans jewelry.

Actually, Jeremy Lin did before joining the Rockets, there are thousands of expert analysis remarked that Morey chase Jeremy Lin heavily, while making an allowance for great and bad his pitch, but commercial considerations will definitely occupy a larger element. You GERRARD Soccer Jersey imagine, Jeremy Lin to join the Houston local Chinese decided on the Toyota Center watching the desire to always be greatly increased.

It really is reported the fact that the Knicks abandon the renewal Jeremy Lin, the Rockets next season, season ticket sales will suddenly mad through the current has risen to leap one of the alliance. To your Rockets, only Jeremy Lin money to your team effect step one.

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