The Nets dominated the brand new York has become criticized

July 16 [Mon], 2012, 15:33
2012-13 ALONSO Soccer Jersey Nets Daily News, Joe - Johnson joined the Nets, said one of the best team in Ny Knicks, even so the Nets. Knicks center Chandler was very funny, he was quoted saying the remark is absolutely stupid, a newly established team can win the Knicks?

It began when former Hawks star headed Johnson joined the Nets within the interview in a news conference when inquired on which team may be the New York strongest, he said such words: absolute is definitely the Nets. "he meant within the capital of scotland- Ny, Nj-new jersey provides the advantage of this team, Brandon Flowers Jersey the Knicks nor the Nets opponent. Nets general manager even think that Johnson Delong combination is stronger rrn comparison to the Lakers' Kobe Bryant Nash's portfolio.

This language is the one, headed the New York Knicks star Anthony immediately responded, Anthony is definitely tough, the Knicks is actually geared up in order to satisfy the contests. Knicks center Chandler today also published distinctive views, Chandler said the Nets now these brave words with his opinion quite stupid.

"The Nets are currently aiming to something due to not even attempt to build a little something out, but can also honestly say," Daniel Agger Jersey Chandler said, "In the summer, is incredibly all to easy to say such a thing, products easily said than done but not so I want to have a look at the start the latest season, we will see type of phenomenon. "

Chandler obviously very dissatisfied with all the heroic spirit within the Nets, because such problems for the Knicks, "I heard some remarks said the Nets, but I think it is said it is foolish, as a general newly established may not be forming a whole new team, there are tons of things, how one can say this? David Beckham Soccer Jersey England I absolutely think they are these words have no practical significance, also to put its team to create is the most important, all the virtual only disgrace. "

November 1 last season, the autonomous region of Brooklyn primary Xi Madi - Markowitz with a festival that your crowd gave a speech, he explained: "If you consistently include the Manhattan Knicks. Next, i think you'll end up guilty of treason sin. "This stands out as the start of California teams emerge to be a contender, but this time two of the sides to our group fights fire a great deal more vigorously some.

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