The opening ceremony of the greatest leads to be heavy rain

July 27 [Fri], 2012, 17:36
PIQUE Spain Jersey London, by a temperate climate, the impact of the Four Seasons humid and rainy. Previously the entire director Danny - Boyle said the London Olympics opening ceremony from the design inspiration out of the dramatic works of Shakespeare, the best British novelist, "The Tempest" also in order to reflect the British element, certain hours of this opening ceremony belonging to the "Yin Yu started falling "in order to give the best results. But look Boyle for being disappointed, because of the Dwayne Bowe Jersey opening ceremony from the rain probability is often rather low, though need end up with artificial rainfall.

Based on the latest report within the British "Daily Mail", for the 27th evening local time, the probability of the rainfall of London will only be 10% of Boyle will decide to start artificial rainfall. Reporter Ami - Oliver wrote: "For London, the artificial rainfall, particularly artificial rainfall in the major events, is actually an exotic thing, but earlier this week, sunny child for this Frank Lampard Jersey Olympic Games opening ceremony director Danny - Boyle shouldn't be nice thing, in order to achieve the envisaged effect, he need to decide to start artificial rainfall.

The Daily Mail stated the 27 pm local time, London will certainly have a brief thunderstorm, prior to the Olympic Games opening ceremony your evening 20:12 opened, the weather conditions might be re-turned fine. The majority of the Boyle's "rainy day" will never be without reason, a month ago, the Academy Award winner will once WALCOTT England Away Jersey said, "If the weather conditions would not assist me to, then I can easily end up with artificial rainfall."

Towards impact of temperature relating to the Olympics opening ceremony will not be too big when compared to the critical rainfall or otherwise not. As outlined by "Daily Mail" reported that, around the 27th evening local time, which the occasion from the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, London's temperature would be about 21 degrees, which for us, can be described as and temperature .

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