Analysis and application of retro style in wedding photography

April 14 [Mon], 2014, 17:15

Vintage Wedding Photography painting style photography pursuit of art painting, imitation painting effect. Using optical techniques used in the art of painting to photography as a beautiful, concise picture effect.

A picturesque style theme photography can bring appreciation with a high degree of sense of beauty, and painting art to convey the author's ideas about art creation, artistic point of view, the creators of the art performance. Making making quality control: the retro theme wedding photography painting portrait photography by light quality in general to choose the soft light or light scattering, the goal is to achieve the imitation art beautiful, concise picture effect. Sometimes also can choose light hard light for light or light outline, the characters of the local modification, characterization.

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Light control: Vintage Wedding Photography painting theme photography with light light is usually divided into two kinds of situation to study. One is Chinese painting style theme portrait shooting time, usually to the light, Ping Guanglai shooting, elegant, soft image tone requirements, in accordance with China drawing effect; the two is the western oil painting style theme portrait shooting time, a triangle of light,

Rembrandt light and stereo light general requirements, strong picture tone, with oil painting effect. Making making light than control: Vintage Wedding Photography painting style theme photography with the light than the light and light is closely linked, is decided by the specific painting style.

One is Chinese painting style theme portrait, usually do not require the picture too large than the light, emphasizing the harmonious picture, warm atmosphere; two is the western oil painting style theme portrait, contrary to Chinese painting it, requires a screen stereo feeling, the performance of the texture, strong picture tone is more characteristic of painting style theme portrait.Click on to know more.

Temperature control: Vintage Wedding Photography painting style theme photography with color temperature control in the light of reasonable would work with the intention not to picture effect, can make the picture more poetic feeling. A picturesque style theme portrait picture of the overall tone is basically a harmonious composition, whether in the use of high color temperature or low color temperature light shooting should pay attention to dress and environmental props character .

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The classical traditional style. The wedding style is the basic skills of Korean wedding photography. Beijing wedding photography color vision, basic skills are not solid wedding photography studio, is not shoot out great Korean wedding. This style of modeling and scene is very simple. Lighting is more complex, emphasize the characters used light stereo feeling.

Retro fashion and style. The Korean style requires a bold attempt to contrast, will be a variety of seemingly disparate style together. Shooting with continuous light source, so that the light intensity is relatively weak, the color change is big, easy to control the depth of field. This style is the main photographer idea, that new communication.

The elegant aesthetic style. The Korean style: using 3D virtual studio and simple wedding dresses, with elegant colors, elegant, pure and sweet feeling. Give a warm, show the happy couple.

The high-profile freehand style. This style is a kind of higher Korean style, is more of the artistic conception into the wedding: a high-profile, freehand, romantic, photos to let the audience feel emotions from the screen and the extension of the pleasure of beauty. Beijing color visual wedding photography is the main kind of style, and then add a variety of comfortable, warm, romantic. This wedding is the lead a person to endless aftertastes, never fade.

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