bleached glass yarn, griffey shoes printing, glass yarn

July 18 [Wed], 2012, 11:54

single yarn, or both strands. According to different processing, glass yarn stained glass yarn, bleached glass yarn, griffey shoes printing, glass yarn, glass yarn dyed jacquard. The thin texture of the glass yarn fabric, feel very cool cloth hole clear, transparent breathable. The difference of the plain weave cotton and cotton Khaki A: plain the Mihara organization a staggered look made from the warp and weft; Khaki is a kind of khaki, khaki twill, the varieties used in the warp and weft into the line card (warp and weft strands), half a line card (to the strands, zonal, single yarn), Khaki (latitude and longitude are single yarn). Line card with 2/2 right inclined organizations weave system, front and back twill lines are very obvious, also known as double-sided card; half line card 3/1 right oblique Organization Organization system , twill left oblique Organization Organization system. Half line cards and Khaki are single-sided card. Khaki are the main raw material such as cotton, polyester, this fabric results closely thick, obvious lines, fastness and durable jeanette? A: jeanette product is Following the development of imitation leather fabric suede products, which is composed of a thin microfiber fabric. Buffing by the dyeing and finishing, fine finishing, the surface of the fabric tightly covering about 0.2 mm flock, like the surface of the peach, with a novel and elegant appearance and comfortable feel, and people of all ages, so named after the class fabric jeanette (peachskin). Thus buffing finishing was also known as "peach skin finishing. And buffing finishing in the popularity of faux suede products man known as "suede finishing is the same. Peach skin microfiber fabric a novel thin fleece fabric, it is born out from faux suede, not after Polyurethane wet processing, so the texture is softer. Shorter because of its velvet surface almost do not see the fluff while the skin was able to perceive, to feel and look more delicate and chic. Peach skin soft and elegant luster, compared with faux suede, giving consumers a novelty, suitable for people curious about consumer psychology, so that soon became griffey sneakers popular in the international market. The formation of the unique style of peach skin fabrics, superfine high-density thin fabric, buffing finishing the product key. The main factors affecting the effect of fabric buffing: the choice of sandpaper mesh, mill roll speed control, grinding roller and the contact area of ??the fabric, the fabric suffered tension, the number of buffing, grinding roller speed and balance of speed, the fabric containing the influx rate, the choice of processing after buffing and buffing equipment. The jeanette products can be used as wearing apparel (jackets, dresses, etc.) fabrics can also be used as the Oxford cloth, package boxes, shoes, hats, furniture and furnishings, an ideal material ; also known as Oxford, more than Dacron polyester blended yarn and cotton yarn intertwined, with the weft or weave with washable and quick drying, soft feel, moisture absorption, and comfortable to wear characteristics Look like yarn-dyed. named because the first Oxford Universitys school uniform shirts using this cotton fabric. Attachment: Oxford cloth varieties 1, the sets of grid Oxford cloth, designed for the production of various types of luggage. Nylon Oxford cloth, production of griffeys flood control and water-resistant products. Bomb Oxford cloth, produced bags 4. The tyi Oxford cloth, the main production all kinds of bags, the latitude of Oxford cloth, mainly produce all kinds of bags

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