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April 23 [Tue], 2019, 10:26
If you are want to have a Steering pedestal then it is important to take into consideration the following factors in order to ensure that you are getting the right pedestal that is just perfect in your own case. There are different brands of marine pedestal that are now available in the market today; it is essential to choose the right brand that is strong and durable. Aside from that, the steering pedestal has a crucial role in the entire boat; and any slight trouble and imperfection in the mechanisms can pose a potential risk on the life of the entire crew and passengers.

Because of this, when you buy a marine pedestal you must carefully check and asses several features and specifications according to the type of boat that you are planning to install the pedestal. Strenght and durability are among the vital aspects that you should check; you have to ensure that they are strong enough to endure the tests of time and various weather.

Reliability is very important; you must make sure that the steering pedestal is strong and reliable enough to endure various weather condition. Consequently, it should be made of marine grade materials like stainless, aluminum and bronze. There are high quality material that are strong and durable in various harsh environmental conditions.

Another similarly important feature that you need to check is the availability of spare parts like maintenance parts, wheel diameter, adjustable pedestal, locking system, and manual or automatic height adjustment among many others. Spare parts availability is vital; hence you have to ensure that you can gain easy access to then and the delivery is fast.

The ability to shift various height levels is also vital for the marine pedestal; especially for small boats and yachts with different individuals taking control of the steering wheel. This feature provides flexibility in adjusting the height based on the height of the person manning the steering wheel.

If the steering pedestal is equipped with height adjustment feature then make sure that you must also check the locking system; it should provide ease in locking the height at the preferred level. In this case, if you want to unlock the height all you have to do is either push up or pull down the lever; while locking the height at your desired level is simply done by releasing the handle.

In any case, if you want to purchase a steering pedestal then bear in mind the aforesaid tips to ensure that you are getting the best one that is perfect for your intended usage.
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