We Believe 

June 02 [Thu], 2005, 23:53
It was rainy today but I went out anyway just for getting fresh air, I was very sleepy in the morning cuz I stayed up late last night sufing net, I was just pickin' up some cool words for learning, and I decided to try to memorize a few words up to 5 everyday and yesterday my asisignment were brussels sprouts(no relation to Brussels, belgium), concise (which pronounced Kansais), trendsetter(which i picked up from J.Lo article) Slinky (which I picked up from Another latin actress Penelope Cruz, her dress) and toss. Now I am wondering what words should I memorize for today. Today I had some fun too, going shopping but I didn't really buy anything, I just didn't want to waste of money but I did schoolwork right after coming back home, I need to catch up and get credits!!

ancient fossils and fancy shoes 

May 29 [Sun], 2005, 23:20
Last week past quickly and I don't really remember what fun moments I had.. Well, on Tuesday I tutored my student, oh men I can't find a better solution to how to make him awake during the class! It is tough matter, and this guy totally has lack of concentration. But you know I try my best to teach him all the time, so it should be regarded. I have been keeping busy myself with schoolwork, mathmatics is the most least favorite subject for me, sometimes it even gives me headache when I am trying to figure the answers out. Science is also not fun subject, the last test I took was way hard for me, something like almost similar to math, I hate it. On Thursday I went out in the afternoon to return books, back to the future and restraunt stuff to the library, I walked there and my head began hurting, so I decided to stop by Ikeda and have some fun there and I could be back home by bus. Oh I am going to forget about this, I dropped by a museum where a numer of fossils and historical heritages are desplayed, it was kind of nice to go in there and looked around, I found out my town has quite long history, it says people began living in my town in the old stone age near the castle of Ikeda. there was also huge cask too, I found fossil most valuable cuz there are various fossils displayed by the town and my next town Minoh has unique shaped fossils. Anyway It was fun to find out some old history of my town there. And then I went to Ikeda station, I wasn't planing to buy anything but I found some cute stuff for me and I could not stop buying... I bought a black t-shirt which has crown made by beads and also I bought flip flops for me, it also has beads and looks like very cute and color is gold too, kinda gorgeous huh? Both of them weren't so costly so I think I did good shopping.

Video killed the radio star 

May 22 [Sun], 2005, 22:31
Today 22nd May, the morning started as shit. Also I had a nightmre last night and it was one of the most awful nightmare I have seen! cuz i almost got killed by somebody with gun. He kept chasing me and it was extremely scary, i thought that i could not get out of my house anymore cuz i felt outside is dangerous and when i went downstair to lock the door, i heard the noise just close to the door, it was the man... oh i hate this nightmare.. so that woke me up in the early morning like 5 a.m but I fell asleep and my grandma again woke me up at 7:40... cuz of that fuckin nightmare, i couldn't wake up even thought i set my alarm clock. But my granny woke me up for something really unnecesary goods for me... i was so disappointed and got mad cuz i don't need it and i dont want to waste of my money for that. So my head was still in the tornado and i had to clean my head up first, i got back to my bed, i got up and prapre for the breakfast though. Today it was something like big day, there is nothing to do with me but that was something to do with my garage. Our family aquaintance used garage for the flea market again.. even though it was raining. And before noon, my granny and i went to see what they've got, oh no... my granny spent lots of money on shopping in the garage... 4400 yen, does not too much? I also had to buy something cuz i was there.. anyway i spent my day studying in the afternoon and picked up groceries and made dinner.. and tonight was tiring... i had to write and send reports to my school and since i am some type of lazy person, i saved lots of them on my computer.. also i hadn't written them all so i kept typing typing but funny thing is my hands are not wasted yet.
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