October 31 [Tue], 2006, 19:56
Today,I don't have any lesson
And I went to language school and had a lunch with mam and
bought headphone....

I'm really don't wanna go to school tomorrow

But I have to
And I have a school festival in this weekend.
So I'll be busy Beside I'll have a test in 2weeks.
I have to study more


October 28 [Sat], 2006, 21:44
It was holiday and no plan
So I went shoping with mam and sister
I bought boots It was sooo cute

And I watched goong and super junior video!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are soooooooo great
Like a god Like a angel
I loooooooooooove super junior
And I luv my baby,sungmin

Sunming present 

October 27 [Fri], 2006, 22:28
It was fine
Today I have 2 lessons.
But I woke up late and made up may face.
So I couldn't take a lesson....
And I went to club
That's all. But now I'm thinking of giving sunming some present
First,I think clothes is cool. But it's so difficult to give him as present.
So I decided that I give him ring.
For him,I have to do a oart time job
BUUUUt I can do it

Because I love him soooo much

new drama named goong宮 

October 24 [Tue], 2006, 0:12
It was heavy raining
And it was so cold day

Today,I had lessons which are English and international relation.
But I woke up late
And my teacher who came form UK said to us,"I'm a English man. So can you move more forhead? I need pasonal space."in English lesson.
He really disguted me...I hate him.I'm sure that he discriminate against Asia.
So,,,,I know he can't hear how I say here.Buuuut I wanna to say....
I'm realllly proud of Asia and Asian
Maybe he won't ever known what I want to say.

By the way, I'm crazy about one korean drama,goong
It's so lovely and soooo intersting
I really recomend you
So.... have a nice day


October 21 [Sat], 2006, 18:51
I forgot to keep a dairy yesterday
I went to NOVA and found that I forgot cell fone in my home.
So I couldn't go to shcool and come back to home because of cell fone
Then, I went out for club again...

Today,,,, I went to chinese school!!!
I'm thinking of studing Chinese

So I'll have a Chinese lesson from next Thrusday
And I went shopping with mam and bought some clothes

korean town 

October 20 [Fri], 2006, 1:34
It was almost fine day
I went to school to take a lesson of korean and
went to shinokubo with my friends
We bought lots of korean noodles
It's soooo delisious
And we went to restaurant and ate chige and rapokki
I had a good time. But accually I was little bit tired

By the way..........
I'm feel like falling in love with someone

BIG NEWS!!!!!!! 

October 18 [Wed], 2006, 21:04
Hey!!!!!!!!! It's a soooooo biggggg news
Guess what Can you imagine

In fact, I heard super junior is to hold concert in Japan
Now I'm sooooo excited

If you don't know super junior, please check on the Internet

It will be held 6th on January in Saitama.

By the way, I didn't go to school today
I have a cold and I didn't feel like going to school at all.
So I watched a American drama and rainbow romance that is korean sitcom.

Because of bad cold, I flet terrible. But I heard the happy news and feel sooooo good Thanks,god

I wanna begin to..... 

October 17 [Tue], 2006, 20:36
It was almost fine day
But...I hava a cold since last week
I really want to know what should I do to overcome this cold
And I went to Chinese school
So I'm thinkig to begining to study Chinese!!!!
I'love to speak Chinese Acctually it seems diffucult for me to pronounce.
But I'm sure I can do it
Then I try to have a lesson on this Saturday
umhhh...... Recentry I seem have a passion for new thing
Though now I have a cold I don't wanna go to school tommorow
Because I have a 5 lessons fooooooooooooo
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