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2005年11月30日(水) 7時16分
Little Mr. Yaplog, I you already!

I found this roaming around on Romi's What can I say I'm good or just sneaky, depends on how you look at it I am convinced that Japan sites have some cute tiny expressful smilies.

Anywhooot, Nice to be apart of yet another BLOG. I love sharing my stories complaints, art work, photos and other nonsense that you see it as. But to me its something I treasure very much!

I wonder if I can convert the text into Japanese. Hmm I can def have it in Spanish.

Below are some pictures I put together ( i'm a collage freak and photo whore.) that show a little about me and the past year that's almost ending. 2005. I know its November, and since you asked yes! I will be posting some holiday things. Oh joy! I know you love it!

Anyway, please enjoy from my home to your's or your school, office, internet cafe, wherever! I look forward to getting the hang of this site. How I signed up here with out seeing anything but ????????? for each question. Lets just say if you've seen em once you've seen em all!

Ciao! oh and its 11-29-2005 here and 5:34pm.

and i dont know how to post pics yet because the basic HTML is not working so maybe smething I write below will.. if not heres a link
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