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February 07 [Thu], 2019, 14:31


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Don't get me wrong the rewritten plot is still interesting, but I kinda wished they stuck to the original or the disney one. I think it had more of a whimsical effect to it rather than viewing a mermaid as an oddity in a carny. :/ just saying.

Can't wait for the supernatural Easter eggs!


This freaks me out so much, I was meant to find this. I use to have these crazy experiences when I was little, involving a clock that chimed in our house and sleep walking, well kind of; I wasn't asleep, but I would be lured by this noise out of bed that oddly didn't stir the family; to the clock on the wall above the fireplace in the dark and would black out looking at the clock and revive terrified some time later. I can't remember anything in-between and this happened on several occasions until I was about 16. It also involved a dark entity that pursued me until 2011. There are so so many references to my very dream journals written over the last 30 years but this story was written before I was born (1984); and I have never heard of it before.  The trailer was posted the day before my birthday. In one of my lucid dreams I walked into a giant luna park mouth and was confronted with a series of life or death tests...There was this evil warlock. Later in lucid dream's I met whom I refer in my journal to as H. because I cannot remember his name; but he looked just like Jack Black is depicted in this film and he was some kind of benevolent magician who would guide through the various dream tests. WTF... I can't wait to watch this even though I feel like; I have been watching it all my life. Omens dudes..

stream film 50 hz for xiaomi full the house with a clock in its walls lyrics.

The alternative title could be: Lemony Potter and the Chronicles of the Stranger Things and Where to Find Them!


I want to Stuckmanize Chris' hot wife

This would be an amazing attraction at universal studios.

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Have you ever tried eating a clock? It’s very time consuming?


I Just Saw It & It Was Totally Not Worth It.
The Weyland Corp shirt 👍
this trailer felt like the whole movie already damn
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Finallyyy ive waited this for yearss
There are some talented directors out there that are stuck into one genre and make shity films, but by trying out new things they start dicovering that they might be better suited for other things. Happened so many times over the years. Michale Bay for instance. I'd love to see a drama from him. Cause he was amazing with Pain and Gain, that had little action..

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...Who else isn't here because of some dude from one direction? Just me? Nice...
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Purple suddenly became my favorite color..
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this reminds me vaguely of the Emily Windsnap books i read when i was 10 and honestly i love it


Great trailor Universal Pictures. After that trailor im desperate to see what happens. Is Luis safe? Or is he?

Watch The... House. With A Clock... In - Its, Walls, movie, youtube

Seems like a good movie, although I just watched half of it, but what does The Little Mermaid have to with it?
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I just hope that there is some fun left out of this trailer. Looks good.
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He said the top of his head huh....he meant to also say his armpits and his ball sack
Please tell me ,when was the amazing Spiderman 3 release

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Omg that's the cute little girl that's sings while her father plays the guitar and sings too.
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Johny english?
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seeing this i realize that 3d animation has become an art
So, it’s not really a twist on the classic one, it’s just an entirely new movie with a mermaid. And the same title.
I watched the movie today Loved it :P
Very funny movie. I will try to watch it on boxxy software. Will see for what time I will resist )

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The, House & With, A, Clock, In - Its & Walls... movie & yesmovies

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The, House? With. A... Clock. In! Its. Walls. mp4

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this looks good i wished they made more creepy house films and made them well...hopefully this one will be good

i finally watched it omg it was amazing and it didnt come out when it needed too beacuse im bulgarian and they have too like translate the holle movie but i loved it sooooo much <3.
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This movie makes me think of Miss Peregrine's peculiar children... Plz like if you agree.!!!!.

Watched this tonight. Freakin Hysterical
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This was so corny. Jack Black is so awesome and if it wasn't for him, I would've walked out. No type of adventure..
Using the old Universal and Amblin logos is a nice touch. Hopefully this movie's actually halfway decent..
Just you mentioning large marge, made my heart stop. I've blocked out that memory for years....

I did not really like the film that much, maybe because i am too old, but i believed the end was a bit rattled off. The acting was great and the storyline too, but the story was build to the end and then the end was quick over and a bit disappointing..

At 3:06 did they copy Harry's dialogue or is it..? 

You had me at Stephen Spielberg

I just watched this on an inflight movie and loved it.
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