Credit Card Balance Transfer Revisited

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 18:10
Annual Fees Remember to check the small print before you apply for the card. This may include information about an annual fee,sac chanel prix which is the fee that the issuer will charge you every year for using their credit card. By no means all credit cards have an annual fee,sac chanel prix but you must remember to build this in to the total cost of using the card. Things like annual fees tend to muddy the APR figures,sac chanel prix which would otherwise give a good indication of how much your credit card actually costs. It is therefore an important factor to consider when deciding which credit card is the right one for you. Exceeding Your Credit Limit Whatever you do,sac chanel prix don't exceed the credit limit that you agreed and signed up for at the time you applied for the card. If you do this then you will probably be charged (depending on the card supplier) a percentage or a flat fee. This would be particularly reckless,sac chanel prix as it would go against everything that you set out to do in the first place,sac chanel prix namely to gain a fixed amount of credit without paying any interest on it! Of the above five negative factors to be considered,sac chanel prix it is always best to think of them all together,sac chanel prix as each of them may impact in different proportions depending on the credit card and lender. For example,sac chanel prix one card may not charge annual fees,sac chanel prix but will come down very heavy on late payment charges; while another card will be lenient about an overextended credit limit but will offset this with a fixed annual charge. It is possible to meet the criteria of the first two positive benefits,sac chanel prix as well as avoid all the pitfalls by careful timing. As long as you transfer your credit card balances in a timely fashion,sac chanel prix and observe the rules of the transfer itself,sac chanel prix you cannot go wrong. Always remember that there are more credit cards out there to transfer your balances to.