Anthony changed this season is very obvious

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 10:55
Anthony changed this season is very obvious, before this match, Anthony field is cut down 28.3 points, ahead of Union scored 2nd place, Bryant is tapping 29.7 points, leading League scoring list, the game is also a battle between two top goalscorer of the League. In the Lakers ' Nick ' and, for the first time this season, Anthony h 30 points in 23 minutes, including the first cut down 22 points. Although low-key expressed not with Bryant before the game drag racing, but started nike air max tn women's defending themselves are shorter than themselves a Morris, Anthony opened scoring mode, he ate Morris twice in a row, turn and jump shot chances, forced the Lakers to send Tsu WPI on ahead. After Tsu WPI debut, Anthony had indeed been limited, 5 shot after running. In WPI to Tzu Chi, Anthony falls in downwind, although had a single kind of WPI baseline jumpers, but in attack, set a trap to Anthony TSE WPI foul, but failed, shot three free, then was kind of WPI storm bothering dribblers and succeeding. In the attack, Anthony TSE WPI manufacturing offensive fouls, returned to the offensive end, Anthony TSE WPI Rob was blowing fouls early receives 3 foul by Anthony was forced to return to bench seats in advance.

Last Warrior, Nash FireWire comeback, the audience he got 12 9 assists, Gilberto and in overtime the last time hit a ball. Today Nash's performance of the first world war? Four words sum up what has: remained high, as a 39-year old veteran, he who has seen. After opening the first attack, Nash into nike air max trainer 1 men's the basket drop hits, followed by a wave of attacks, Nash storm hits again. For a floating, of course, scored only his part-time, his job is picking the team attack. In this regard, Nash did equally well. In fact the first Festival, that you personally sent out 4 assists, Gasol's jump shot from his assists, followed by Spain who ran to the outside even threw his three points, this one also from the Nash miaochuan. After Gasol Dunks in a row, consecutive Bryant Nash transporting shells, Pan am jump shot hit one after another disappointing.

And conflicts with the nets in the first world war by the Celts of the idea, this time Keats WPI and Chandler the conflict originated in a scramble for, two of them over control of the ball at that time had mixed together, physical contact it is hard to avoid. The two brothers also are angry that the main, who are reluctant to take a step back and wing. On the pitch, two top up. From build view, Chandler course occupy advantage, in addition to long has a Deputy Olga berluti's type of ferocious faces outside, name in on has contains has "Tyson" two words; just Tsu WPI also not is scare large of, despite world peace listen up both chunliang and human and animal harmless, but modified of has name is modified can't temper, face with butcher of opponent, Tsu WPI of select is: a step also does not back. Not only does not retreat, Tsu WPI transmission in the eyes of a sharp, and stare at each other, saw the two movements will become more and more rude, physical contact more and more "intimate" the referee quickly step in and separate the two.
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