Never underestimate the Anthony

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 10:57
Never underestimate the Anthony, as Bryant put it, Anthony is a great player, he is like a bull are very difficult to defend. Section III, this bull completely broke out, completely Tsu WPI blow, reported that the first half was limited for revenge. On the play, Anthony's hand more firmly, whether in the distance is outside the three-point line, get the ball only one idea – Anthony the ball into the basket. Range jump shot, in offensive and defensive conversion of emergency stop the jump nike air max excellerate cheap shot, tracking response to pull out the projection three ... ... Anthony outside feel too hot to hot. After the third half, drag racing with Anthony Bryant staged the Grand Theater, detonated full Court, Bryant shot just hit here, Anthony immediately at 45 degrees to the right far one step away from the three-point line to vote in the third, his fabulous Tze WPI and Lakers fans lament. In a misplaced assault, Anthony step out Gasol, breakthrough bothering dribblers hand, single game, Anthony turned lower by as much as 17 points.

Halftime Nash sent out 7 assists, is a very good tandem team attack. At the same time at the defensive end, floating seems to be fruitful. While the defense can improve this business not be solved overnight, but none of his efforts can be seen. Felton 17 or vote 5----it is clear he made it clear in mens nike air max 95 Nash's only defense is a loophole, but today he really bad use this vulnerability. When you enter the game to fight courageously at bayonet point range, Nash still can stabilize the morale, needle-type role of Neptune. Section III also 2 minutes 45 seconds left, Nash caught after offensive rebounds in a row simply going it alone, leaning jump shot one-click tool, after which he was at the top of the arc hand hits, helping the Lakers score to 73-76.

Of course in hindsight, Tsu WPI anger is normal, courtside photographers quickly captured the detail, and the camera on his arm. Reasons in the competing just with Chandler, Tsu WPI's arm had been pulled together a long hole, seemed like a knife, and had to temporarily end the emergency hemostatic. But the fans at the Staples Center arena was booing, cheering all the "pure man" temporary departure----apart from his tough attitude on the pitch,, the audience under the alternative debut cut competition Tsu 20+7, apart from Bryant, the team's players. With Celtic FC-Wallace and Garnett had been "Crossfire" different, this time between Tsu WPI and Chandler is perhaps more should be seen as "confrontation". But was saddened by people is that on Christmas Eve should have special days of justices of the peace, I do not know why anger is so great players on the pitch. It is interesting, Chandler and Tsu WPI was also sent off in the match thereafter, two people were sent off is because cumulative committed 6.
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