Cake making

October 10 [Sun], 2010, 22:00
To do something memorable on Oct 10, 2010, Alky and I went to a cake making class This is the first time I make cake and its so much fun. The class is quite an advanced class so its a bit challenging for me haha But with my effort and concentration, I succeeded in making these cakes. I felt very satisfied and shared the cakes with dad, annie, sis, kwai, kev, momo and chloe.

Cassis champagne creme brulee cake making of

100 days count down

October 01 [Fri], 2010, 12:17
Time flies and today is 100 days count down for our wedding. Very excited but at the same time very nervous and stressed about all the planning too Really need to speed up and finish more items this month. My Lovebird Wedding has also reached 100 fans today

We went to Cocky Bar to watch fireworks with friends. The view was absolutely stunning.

My 1st advert

September 21 [Tue], 2010, 12:05
Being inspired by some bloggers who create their own business successfully, I remember why I started Lovebird Wedding in the first place. I thought of putting it on hold until after my wedding, but now I have a second thought If it can help to put my mind off the stress from my wedding planning and create potential business opportunities, why should I wait any longer
So I took some new photos of my designs and uploaded to my facebook Page. I definitely need to further improve the photography skills so that my designs will look much nicer. Today I also created my first advert. Hopefully I will gradually build up my name in the market.

place card

September 14 [Tue], 2010, 20:02
Place card is the only item that I truly DIY the whole card by myself. I went to Wilson Paper company in Central to find cream cardstock with pearl finishing. The paper is massive so I had to bring them to another company to cut them into A4 size. Then I designed the place card and printed them out on the A4 card. Cut them into mini cards and stick the swarovski crystal on each one of them. This cream card will then be sticked on purple cardstock in tent style. But even after visiting the Luen Hing paper company in Shum Shui Po, I still cant find the right purple tone I like To make it perfect, I would bring them for professional scoring instead of folding the cardstock by myself.

Lovely weekend in Tai O

August 21 [Sat], 2010, 13:09
Its been a while since hun and I went for a walk on the island coz summer is so hot. But staying in TST all the time can be quite boring. So I decided to take hun to Tai O for a walk coz I know he loves to see more nature.
It was a really hot day but we had so much fun there.
We got on a boat ride to tour around the island. We didnt see any white dolphins, but saw some small flying fish. So cute

A kiss at the fish village

There were so many dried seafood on the street and we took many fun pics.

Scent of salty fish everywhere

Kev's idea of heaven

The street is full of different local snacks and we had some delicious seafood.

I love this tree and bench

Sunshine through the leaves

I dont think I can survive living in these old houses

We had much fun playing with this sword of destiny haha

Wedding tshirt

August 19 [Thu], 2010, 13:28
Finally the wedding tshirts I designed has arrived It seems to be not as nice as the image I saw on computer though. Then, I found out why. They printed my light brown eye shadow in black So I look like I have panda eyes. Of course I had complained and they will reprint 2 new ones for me. We can wear this tshirt to our honeymoon

I have changed the necklace to this sparkling diamond one hehe.

Catch up with Cathy

August 14 [Sat], 2010, 12:53
Cathy is in town and we met up for Islamic lunch in Kowloon City. The last time we met was Jun last year 久しぶりに会って、楽しかった The food was delicious and we had a good time catching up. Its very interesting to hear about her life in Tokyo. It makes me miss Japan alot. She is one of my best friends in Waseda and hope that we will get to meet once every year.

Curry lamb, fried rice and beef bun. So yummy

Purple day

August 12 [Thu], 2010, 18:01

This is already the third week of my long vacation. I have been really enjoying life and loving the freedom. Other than doing some house chores, I basically spend each day planning my wedding, cooking, finding the wedding stuff, meeting friends and shopping. I never felt so happy when I was working Imagine how happy it would be if we dont have to work to live haha.

Today I went to pick up the trial printing of the wish card. Aww some of the purple tones dont come out as what I want, so I have to reprint it But the design looks very nice and I love it so much.

After picking up the cards, I went shopping haha. I dont like summer but I love buying lots of vests And I also bought a pair of ear rings and a bracelet. The ear rings are from Korea and they are very sparkly and cute. Maybe I can wear them on my wedding hehe. Then, I saw this bracelet. Its nice but I didnt plan to buy it until I heard the shop keeper said its in purple color How can I resist the temptation of purple Its more like rose gold color but under sunlight, you can actually see a gentle purple tint Oh my god. I love it lots. Its ironic that I spend much more in shopping when I have no salary

Then I found something I love even more An evening gown that is the same as the one I rented except the sash but in the perfect lavender color Oh my god... what should I do I have already paid for renting the tiffany blue evening gown for $2000 and this tailor made lovely lavender dress is only $1400. Why this kind of things always happen to me. Is it too crazy to wear 2 purple evening gowns in my wedding Would it be very weird that my dress color is similar to that of my bridesmaids' dresses Another problem is the soft color would not look sharp in photos, esp when guests would be wearing dark colors in winter What should I do

Wish card

August 11 [Wed], 2010, 20:09
Instead of a traditional guest book, I would like to have a wedding wish tree to hold the cards with wishes and blessings from our guests. This is where I can my inspirations from.

Not sure I can make such a nice tree but I have finished the draft of the wish card design today. Its very simple with our wedding color palette and matching the other wedding stationery
But again there is always a huge color difference between computer screen and the printing output, even if you use the professional CMYK color book. So I have to print out a whole set first to see if they are in the right color tone. If not, I have to reprint again and again... What a waste of money

Here is a sneak peek of the top part of my wish card.
This is the colors I want.

But you would never have guessed I need to transform them into this color for printing Hope I would get something close to my color palette.

Purple hunting

August 10 [Tue], 2010, 20:33
I suddenly found this shop that sells party stuff in Junk Bay with all different colors. I was all excited and got on the MTR purple line to go to this shop. They actually have stuff in different colors for different color themed party. Its awesome for a purple lover like me But most of the stuff is not as nice as I thought.
I went all the way there and guess what I have got Its cocktail and dinner napkins haha I already accept the fact that its impossible to find the exact color I like, so I have bought this one I found which is good enough for me. I dont want to become too mental about colors haha.
If you are interested, visit their website
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  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Ayu
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:3月2日
  • アイコン画像 現住所:東京都
  • アイコン画像 職業:大学生・大学院生
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