New information 

April 21 [Mon], 2008, 23:37
It's a long time since I wrote this diary.
But I want to write English, and I wanna study Englidh recently.
So, I will write this from now time to time.

Anyway I have an information.
I will marry with My girlfriend this June.
And I will stay with her from next month.

i wanna tell this incident(?) My friend face to face.

So, please come My house when I will move new house.

I'm sleepy today, So today's diary is all.

party at Tokyo 

October 08 [Mon], 2007, 21:38
I have a news.

I had a party at Tokyo with Japenese guys.
I spended good time with them.
But I drunk too much....
Anyway I heared many news from them.
about novita, john, and Japane people.
It was exciting And I thought that I wanna go back to America.

Hey guys, I want to keep in touch in with you .
Please have a party regulary.

I will upload a picture next time . have fun!

Friend's birthday 

September 27 [Thu], 2007, 23:30
Today, My frind has a birthday.
So I went from company 9:30 and I went to okonomiya.
I can drink delicious beer and delicious okonomi.
I was happy.
It is very long time ago when I drunk beer outside.
It is good.

I will hav to go work tomorrow, But I have this weekend.
So It is no problem.But ahhhh I wanna sleep.

This weekend in Saitama 

September 24 [Mon], 2007, 18:41
Hello.Today is holiday in Japan.
So, I went to Saitama prefecture to see flowers.
The name of flower is 'higannbana'.I don't know the English name.sorry.
But It's so beautiful.It makes me feel easy.

And My mother made lunch.
She maid ricebal and fried egg and so on.
We ate them at river. and drink beer.It was delicious,you know.

It takes 1 and half hour from My house.
So It is not so long.
I think it is recommend place.
And I want to go these place like nature
one time per two month.

I have to work from tomorrow,Myabe i can.

Anyway today is good day,
I will write next week.

My plan 

September 17 [Mon], 2007, 22:22
Hello,It's a long time ago when I wrote this diary last time.
Recentl I work hard and I come home very late..

This weekend I went to see a movie.
Japanese movie 'Hero'!!
It was TV drama 5 years ago.
It is very interesting, I laghed and I was almost cried.
I recommend to watch it!

Next week My mother will come to Tokyo from Tokushima.
So I will cook SUKIYAKI whith Shiga beef!
It is famous beef in Japan and it is a little expensive,,,uhh.

I will show that picture! Please have fun!!!
uh, Taiwanese people!!!
I will go to taiwan next year!! I am lookng forward to going to there!!

I will write this in a week!!

travel to yamanashi prefecture 

September 09 [Sun], 2007, 21:03
From yesterday,I went to Yamanashi prefecture to go to hotspring!!
I stayed Japanase hotel,and went to the lake,farmer.
The reason is that I am tired recently.
So, I wanted to feel nature.
I saw the fuji mount at the 'shojiko'. It's clowdy ,so I couldn't see all oh that.
It was pitty, but I could see top of it.
Look this picture.

And, I stayed good hotel at Yamanashi.
The name is 'koshien'.It's funny name,but it was good!!
It has pond which has many carps.
look this picture.

Tired day 

September 04 [Tue], 2007, 23:26
Today,I'm so tired.
So I can't write blog today.

ah. Haricane(?) will come this weekend.
(I will go to hotspring..)

Anyway Please look below picture.

Japanese Weekend 

September 03 [Mon], 2007, 23:08
Hi here is Taro.

Last weekend, I went to play gamble(slot) at Japan.
I had been looking forward to going to that.
I payed hokutonoken.

The result is that I lost.uhhh.
You know I went to USA for a month, So I did not
play it. I had not plyed it for five weeks.
But I lost.uhh
Sometimes I remember that I was in USA.
I wanna come back....

Anyway My Order man in My company were very kind people.
So I wanna work hard.I have to work .
Now I wanna do My best.After that I will consider My life in the future.

OK,I will go to a hotspring this weekend.
So, I will report that thing next time!!

Taro in Japan 

August 27 [Mon], 2007, 20:34 is Taro.

It is 20:30 pm.
I went to work today.
I saw many people, aaand I have many work...
From tomorrow I will have to work hard.

I remember that I was in Sanrafael.
I was very happy to stay there and I got many dear friends.
It is good for me.
From now, I will face on many bad things,
But I will can do it!
Because I have good memory!!
Aynwawy I came back to Japan.

see you.

Taro's report 08/22 

August 23 [Thu], 2007, 22:55
Hello. Here is Taro.
This is a report from USA.

I have 3days to stay here.
I have many things to do.
I want to go SF, bar, sea and so on.
Oh I wanna go across the Goldengatebridge by foot.
I am thinking about what I will do tomorrow.

I don’t want to bring back regret to Japan. So, I will do what I want to.
Anyway I will introduce My friends today.
We have a kimuchi bowl prty

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