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February 03 [Sun], 2019, 5:30


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Girl, you should be wearing gloves, especially dealing with mice etc!!!!! Yuk! I have still got to clean our trailer out when we eventually get to use it. We also have mice problems, and last year we had dried up snake barf from the winter. We also get birds nesting in the fifth wheel hitch. Again, Yuk! I hope you didn't do your back in doing that. Enjoy.❤❤❤.

I am so excited for this on Netflix! Decluttering would be my ultimate dream job..

Going to view a 3 year old TB x mare tomorrow anybody have any tips plz I an really existed xx.



I bet that stuff is very environmentally friendly.

Yo sería la mujer mas feliz si ése fuera mi trabajo 😬😬

I love the cats

Love love this is so cute xx

I’m a grown ass man, but with my problems at home this trailer nearly made me almost cry at work. Looking so forward to this..

Were did you get the trailer?


4:43 is so satisfying Dude ur menu to spray it with water first then foam cannon on work your way down because gravity pulls the dirt down. At last! Now perhaps more people can benefit by watching AND practicing the Marie Kondo method! It boggles my mind how much stuff one has! I never considered myself to be a hoarder or ever had clothing on the floor and crowded counters, but once I started decluttering my things, I realized I had WAAAAAY too much stuff! Not anymore! My house actually echoes when you talk, and that feels good!.

Ray & Liz Especially when you work from home, it's important for your mental health to have around you only things that truly MEAN something for your present moment and for your happiness and life goal. Hope Netflix could give her the recognition she deserves.. What kind of trailer is it? Why did he seem so proud at the end Oh my god if you really rode horses then maybe you would understand that brushes get dirty you obviously don't ride very often at all if all your tack is spotless


Love your videos❤️

Marie Kondo is so cute




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