August 18 [Thu], 2005, 19:15
Who is Daryl?
Daryl Brunt, a 16 years old high school student from Sudbury, Ontario is my idol...

I first saw Daryl on TV when I went over to my friends house. Their family were watching a show called "Canadian Idol". That Tuesday night was awesome! Daryl's unique voice draw my attention. I think he is the best!!! I was so sad when his Canadian Idol dream fade away last week. I cried that night when he was eliminated. I listen to his songs over and over again. Even though I'm a big fan of Ken Hirai, I think daryl's version of "What a Wonderful World" is better than Ken's... Now I miss him so mush...

Want to find out more about this very talented young singer?
Here are the links: Daryl Online and Daryl Brunt 4 Idol

I'm in Canada now! 

July 18 [Mon], 2005, 22:35
It's been a great week. Everyday has been spent with friends and having lots of fun!!!
I have so many new friends since I got here and they are all very nice to me.
I've been out of town with my friends/classmates for a few times, There are so many things to see and do. This is my second time in Canada. I'm always very happy to come here again and again!!!

I'm very lazy... 

March 07 [Mon], 2005, 21:44
I think I'm very lazy...
because I'm not doing a good job writting and updating my blog...

Internet Friends 

January 07 [Fri], 2005, 22:15
Few weeks ago, I signed up some internet friend finder services. I was very surprised when I checked my emails the day after I registered. I received a lot of emails. I don’t know what to think…it’s just overwhelming. I checked their profiles one by one. No girls!

I have made some friends over the internet. It is sooo much fun!


January 06 [Thu], 2005, 0:16
I watch the news on TV every night to follow the news on the tsunami disaster in South East Asia. The tsunamis killed tens of thousands, with many more people missing. The numbers of dead and missing people are still climbing…

What does it like to lose everything in a second?
We tend to take what we have for granted. The tsunamis are a reminder of how many people in this part of the world live nearly at sea level.

I have already donated some money to the Red Cross for the tsunami-hit countries. That's the only thing I can do for them now. I think the people awaiting aid will be relieved to see these aids from all over the world, help is help and it will be greatly appreciated by those who need it. It’s difficult, but life must go on…

What Are Virgos Like? (Part II) 

January 05 [Wed], 2005, 1:20
This is THE article I read. It's nothing like me...I never believe this kind of stuff, but sometimes I read them just for fun!

OVERVIEW: You'll probably find the first half of 2005 to be quite different from the second, Virgo. During winter and spring, you'll be thinking over money matters, and trying to get things settled. In summer and fall, you may feel the need to hibernate for a while to get your energy level back to where it was before all the excitement started -- and these seasons will be exciting, for several reasons.

Still, you'll have nothing but success when it comes to finances, especially if you're working with a partner. Jupiter, the benevolent king of the gods, will spend most of the year helping you to make sound financial decisions and choose the right partners. Listen carefully to the advice of elders around the end of January. A relationship will heat up and turn quite passionate around the end of February -- and it will stay that way through March.

A pair of eclipses during April will get your spring off to an amazing start -- especially when it comes to intimate matters and joint finances. Someone from out of town may also make a rather stunning entrance into your life. Tend to your career responsibilities during May and June, and expect to be rewarded by authority figures as early as June 4th. Secrets and whispers will be on the agenda at the end of June, so expect to be spending some time behind closed doors -- but not necessarily alone.

Read your year 2005 Horoscopes:

What Are Virgos Like? (Part I) 

January 05 [Wed], 2005, 0:33
I was reading this article last night. It's an article about Virgos' personality and 2005 horoscopes. I can’t say the article really accurately describes my personality but it is interesting.

So, if you are interested in find out your future in this year. There is a link on the next page. Have fun!

24 August - 23 September

Symbol: the Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling House: Sixth House
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Body Parts: stomach, intestines
Keyword: HEALTH
Date with destiny: Taurus, Capricorn
Run for the hills: Gemini, Sagittarius
Where you glow: crunching numbers
What makes you tick: efficiency
Fitness forecast: Pilates
Play date: cleaning up the neighborhood
Perfect jobs: copy editor , nurse
Best accessory: lint brush
A sure thing: perfect pleats
Destination: Switzerland
Pleasure: organization, routine, dedication
Pain: messiness, inefficiency, lateness
What's my line? A stitch in time saves nine.

A Brand New Start!! 

January 01 [Sat], 2005, 9:41
Happy New Year 2005

Starting from today, I would like to keep a diary in English. It could be hard for me to write everything here in English, but I am determined to do it!!!

My New Year's resolutions for year 2005 are:

Become more confident. Be more outgoing and spontaneous.
To make my parent's proud of me.
Be more serious, and motivated about my school work.

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