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March 02 [Fri], 2012, 12:45
How make the hairstyle more professional, does not it to take with hair stylist, or go to salon bar every several days? The answer is "no". Sometimes, only to adjust a small part of hair, only if you grasp the skills, that can keep your hairstyle as the same as made by professional hair stylist. There are five easily ways to help you keep the hairstyle.}First, the best smudging time of disposable hair nutrient.ghd blue serenity styler

Hair rash, one trouble of hair problems, if you want to hair become smooth and softness, try to use disposable hair nutrient. But use disposable nutrient should limit the volume, too much will leas to hair thick and heavy. It is not spray the head in a few of disposable until the hair dry 70 percent, they not only give nutrition supplement to hair, but "press" the residual water to hair inside, leaving in hair longer. If hair still dripping, you have already sprayed the nutrient product, so, the dripped water will bring a part of nutrient product, don't achieve the expected effect.

Second, renew to make hair take on the luster.

It is known to all, a beautiful hairstyle is depended on luster, but there are still many people don't know to select the hair care products to add luster, or have used such products, but could not tell the "luster" from the "shiny". Only a little of liquid products of added luster, rub in the palm of your hand, gentle grasp the tips of hair; if they are solid products, maybe not easily to rub, use a little of water to dilute, later can convenient to smear.

Third, prescription to deal curl hair.

Most girls who have long curl hair may know and had such a experience, It will damage a lot of hair if fore to comb when the long hair mess, since you comb with water, it still destroys the bend of curl, contrary to, it is very easy to affect the curl. Actually, you can use some sample methods, comb the hair after hair have dried 80%, with a few of disposable hair care products on the tips of hair, when finish these, might as well to smear mucilage, maintain the hair curl. As a result, hair will softness, and keep the hairstyle.

Fourth, hair tonic ease the hair knot.

Long hair is not convenient to make up, usually knot, if you tear stiffly it, will create to hair's injury, it is a fast way to cut down the knot. However, if smudge some hair care products on tips of hair before washing hair, such a situation will not appear. Before washing hair, smear hair tonic on knotted hair, waiting for several minutes, later washing clear with shampoo, that the knot will open and become softness.

Fifth, make-up water is beneficial to the scalp.
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There is no time after work to take care of hair, but then how can withstand greasy hair to go meeting. At the moment, the spray lotion will play an important role. Spray evenly in a layer of lotions on the scalp, certainly hair root can also be sprayed a little more, it can ease the situation of oil, but also offers the hair to add moisture. Gentle press the scalp, and make new hairstyle.
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