Still working on Home Work 

2004年09月27日(月) 12時13分
It's been a long long long weekend, and I'm really nervous about my essay. I need at least four full pages and I have is two and barely two at that. I need to write this one final paragraph but I don't know where to begin, and dont know how to elaborate and I reallyw anted it looked over tomorrow and now... I can't! Ugh. I'm ganna keep trying.

On a lighter note, Gakuji sent me pictures!

He also sent me beautiful pictures of Amami! I'll post those up later!


2004年09月25日(土) 11時49分
I met up with the twi girls from my American Heritage class today to finish off a fairly easy easy question : Where can you incoprorate a Democracy that is not a country? I proposed a Big Corporation type thing, and thats what we went with. Too much Apprentice? Maybe.

Biki's coming over tomorrow to spend a day with me! Yeah, I get to "hang" with my baby sister! I need to get my laundry done and then do some homework. I need to get together with another girl from American Heritage to finish up some essay questions on Sunday. Bleh~

Oh, me and Wawa went out to Jack in the Box a little while ago to get some goodies. I'd been craveing Stuffed Jalapenos all day, and I finally got some. I went all out too, got myself the large which is like seven stuffed jalapenos! And I got a vanilla milkshake!


2004年09月25日(土) 1時52分
Neme sent me stills from baroques Last Indies Tour カヴェン Final! I have the video but it goes by so quikly that you really cant see that 怜 pulls down 万作 boxers! LOL!!
怜 and 万作!



2004年09月24日(金) 22時27分
I feel like crying...

I have class in a about an hour, a little more than an hour. History and Composition and then I have to go see my Learning Frame Works professor about an exam I took last week.

My stomache hurts, so I think I'm nervous.


2004年09月24日(金) 4時02分

怜 of baroque お絵かき 

2004年09月24日(金) 1時12分

I drew this a little while ago, before nutty a hermit was released. I really wish they hadn't broken up. I love baroque. I miss them.


2004年09月23日(木) 21時48分
I have class in a little bit.

I have a feeling that I'll be blamed for neme's feeling bad, because that's how those tthings work. I hate being in chat with those two, becuase as much as I like it I feel like a third wheel. I feel as if my being there is just bothersome, and I feel like they're both just humoring me. Oh poor stupid Bonnie, let's amuse her.

Aisde from that, because that's just an excuse to fall ebb my bad mood, I'm falling behind in my studies.I need to turn in a four page essay by next Friday to which I have all of 1 page drafted. I have a History exam coming up soon, and my notes are incomprehensible and to make matters worse I can't seem to pay attention to the lectures. My mind keeps wondering, I keep thinking of how badly I'm ganna end up failing, and if I do fail I can't go study overseas.



2004年09月23日(木) 11時01分
I should be reading but I just don't feel like it. My mind keeps wandering and I'm constantly being distracted by the T.V. My favorite show's on.

I need to take a shower in a little bit, but the rooms really cold. I figure if even bother uping the thermostat our suite-mates will just lower it again. I should probably ask Wawa to turn her fan off... oh well, I'll just deal with it.

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