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November 11 [Thu], 2010, 16:03
Hi Guys! I know I haven't updated my blog in a few months, that was because my computer was cut off for a short amount of time Yeah I Know what a bummer, but it's no biggie because now Im back on my computer chatting with everyone. I even found this new website called "Skype" it's a website where you can talk to friends face to face It's pretty cool because now when I'm bored I can just go online and talk to my BFF Chihiro Yur. Well if you want to skype me or anyone else. Just look for my skype name: princessbeebee. I will be more than happy to speak to all my fans

Your Friend,
Kaiya Yumi
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Hi, My Name is Kaiya Yumi !* I Live in Chicago, IL I'm 13yrs Old I go to Southwood Middle School I'm in 7th grade -Favorite things- -Shopping -Hanging with friends -chatting -Favorite colors: Blue, Pink, & Light purple -Hanging with family -Talking on the phone -Taking pictures -Doing Nails/my nails -Cooking -Favorite Subjects in School: Math, Science, & Language Arts -Seafood -Looking at the moon -Making wishes on stars -And being a True "KIID" at Heart :) *Things I "HATE" and "DISLIKE"* *I Hate Pitbulls *I Dislike Phony people *I Hate getting in trouble *I Dislike Heavy metal Rock (It's annoying and all they do is yell) *I Hate having bad hair days *I Dislike when other people go ask other people about me and they describe me so wrong >.< *I Hate when people act so Un-mature for no Dang reason >:P Well I Guess that's enough about me :) If you wanna know something about me just ask "ME" `Kaiya Yumi!*
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