G.The P Cal.3300 autos chain machine Xin-pursue a wrist form craft by superb technique

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 2:53
Vintage the 1945 Triple Date 18 K rose gold material/M033 the MOs automatically chain machine Xin(take Cal.3300 as foundation)/, divide, second show/the week, date and month show/the form path 32 xes 34.5 mms/blue precious stone crystal mirror noodles/waterproof 30 meters

function excellent super thin automatic machine Xin
be located in GIRARD-PERREGAUX of Switzerland clock key figure La Chaux-de-Fonds(pull a virtuous of Shao) Zhi cypress form, beginning in 1791, and with superb the craft making form rise in the world and be rated as to supply one of the important roles of factory for Switzerland Gao quality handicraft machine Xin, and supply several large deluxe form factory to use, it suffices to show it machine Xin the development and creation craft get clock industry common affirmation.Go into in 1991 Lugi Macaluso(the road is strange. Ma Ka Lu Suo) lord Zhi cypress form behind, self-make the push Zhi cypress form machine Xin more to completely change into one of the main targets, significantly improve the development and manufacturing ability of the Xin of top-class machine machine, one of the achievements is the thickness only 2.98 mms that announces in 1994 of super thin auto chain the machine Xin Cal.3100-is also a Cal.3300 machine the precursor of the Xin.The Cal.3300 that announces in 2000 can be said as currently the thinnest auto chain machine Xin in the world, improvement from Cal.3100 machine Xin, chained organization to partially do significant improvement in the auto, and enlarge diameter to the 29.2 mms(Cal.3100 diameters is 25.6 mms), improvement like this in addition to making the structure of Cal.3300 more stable, also make the turning of automatic dish Ju enlargement, chain an efficiency better, energy storage also from original of promote to 46 hours for 42 hours.

Cal.3300 the autos chain machine Xin
, the cent, second and date show/diameter:29.2 mms/thickness:The number of 3.2 mms/spare partses:Is 130/ the power store for 46 hours/3s, arm wreath type balance/earthquake repeatedly per hour 28,800 times/roll the bead bearings/6 directions accuracy adjustment/27 stone

the extreme achievement of the challenge system form craft
automatically chain the thickness of machine Xin have been one of the challenge of each big form factory, for Zhi cypress form certainly no exception, among them, the automatic dish partially thin type turns and would is a big engineering, the too thin automatic dish can not produce and enough turn Ju to arouse and chain organization, so some form factories then adopt K gold or lead piece to go together with heavy, increase it and rotarily leave mental exertion, but Zhi cypress the form adopted to have the design of the creativity more on the Cal.3300 and used the super miniature that a diameter only has a 3.4 mms to roll bead bearings(conceal at the automatic dish stalk Xin under), inside have 8 bead of very and smallly rollings, because of contact the area is smoothly small, glide, plused automatically three cars to partially adopt the precious stone bearings of miniature, past all because of rub the energy loss resulting in can completely decline to lowest, as long as have a little small action, the automatic dish can vividly turn, is chain in the automatic dish have already tended full status under also similar.In the power output, the generally super thin machine Xin is been limited by thickness, the width of spiral has to be a little bit narrow, the power output nature will be subjected to influence, but the Cal.3300 still owns power of be up to the storage time for 46 hour, the key lies in the wheel gears of Cal.3300 all and whets and polishes a processing after handicraft dozen, so the cleft of wheel gear with rub resistance and also decline to lowest,

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