I imitated those who

February 19 [Tue], 2013, 13:39
I told a leading imitate a meeting to do things never late, any connection with the other leaders to show personality and self imitate a few minutes late, Claire Hsu the final decision is still not late.

I imitated a leadership did not miss the event details, and to tell the team said guests here to see the big screen to the the most sidelined venue corner; imitated another leadership very calm and even microphone not ring still go its own way in the venue concentrate speaking training courses. Final decision on the overall activities and detail to the team, I am only responsible for trapping.

I imitated an example of a workplace, at every meeting, even if not a major role, insist on speaking at least one sentence. This shows that you understand the topic, and improve their self-confidence and expression, the best mobile accessory and the attention of the leadership.

It can be said, if you feel that the people around you can imitate anything, then you may want to rethink their own workplace attitude.

Workplace examples to be all-powerful CEO, government and organizational leaders around a general manager or colleagues, crash proof phone protector important from them find help themselves grow imitate, imitate, and sentiment in the process of imitation upgrade, and finally the formation of the true self.
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