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February 26 [Wed], 2014, 15:53

In the city outside the focus of a high school, where life suffer unspeakably. Where the time can let your body string tension to stretch themselves.The Middle of the Road You walk into a trot, and you make every second to the classroom to the cafeteria to rush, rush, go to the toilet to squeeze. You have you dare not speak even turned, because they will be in student union or the dean in the window put down your name. It is a race against time and ran back to the dormitory at night, lights out immediately shut off the faucet, all stop, please lie down in bed, because you may not know when his name appeared in one criticism column, nu skin and then you'll have a week to clean health.
I'm in such a life, in a day and three days. As a small member of two thousand students, I'm just small sand, humble at. I insist on for a year and a half will can not stand this kind of life.
I know, I am not too strong. Do not want to do what, spinach008 dare not face what time, only the escape.
High school, heavy schoolwork and the entrance of the huge pressure, make me tired. In a key senior high school experimental middle school life has let me stand by all day, bored, I always want to escape. Also, the relationship between recent and friends is very sensitive, I'm a little tired. I think, I will stay in that place, I will be depression. There is a period of time, I became very sensitive to blue, feeling hopeless, I even wanted to quit school. Finally, in a fierce ideological struggle for two months, I chose to study art, and then transferred. The most important, is to transfer.
Mother day school to pick me up, the way to ask me: flav10086"this is a crossroads, decided there was no looking back, you have to give up a key high school student status, to art, as art students in college entrance examination. Are you ready to order?" I looked back at his mother, firm nodded: "want to good." Mother nodded and said: "well, decided to do so." In fact, I know g-suite cardinal, the mother's heart is a little sad. After all, this is the focus of high school she had to let me go. I remember, when I senior high school entrance examination scores to reach the school admission line, she is excited, much joy. Of course, I was also very happy, for their upcoming high school life is full of hope. But who knows, after a year and a half I, at this time, is so eager to leave the cage, leaving that day depressed inferiority pain sad sad place!
I went back home, this time, was to put the winter. Parents said, How Do You Copy a Trader after the winter vacation, give me a school. In those days, I could see their faces pale face, mixed with a little tired and disappointed. After all, I let them with a rush. It can clear day, I always cause some small wave. In order to avoid my parents have nothing to do at home, looking for an art teacher taught me to paint. So, I decided to back board, carrying a paint to his home. The teacher is a friend of my parents, g-suite cardinal manchester not far away from my home. Every morning, I walked . Every morning, I walked down the stairs, on the ground of snow, creaking crossing the street, look at the road gradually increasing number of vehicles, breathe the cold air in winter morning, sandi11 every ray of sun, walked to his home.
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