...is Japanese freaky or what? 

2006年07月05日(水) 10時26分
I know, this site is in Jap and I'm a real banana. Sue me.

....NOT! I've actually learnt Japanese by myself for the heck of it. And I'm proud to say I can officially read all hiragana, a smattering of Katakana and SOME kanji. As you can see, my Jap is still terrible. Bleh.

Anyone knows where to get a good? Japanese word processor for free? The one I have irks me to death.

Wow. xD 

2006年02月23日(木) 10時49分
Hey all!

Apparently, I just saw this Japanese blogging site and I wanted to try blogging for fun. Who knew that it was freakishly hard to read Japanese Hiragana! xD Well, at least there are some Chinese characters here and there in the Hiragana so it's easy to catch on. I'm seriously considering getting Yukai's help to read all this Jap sometime. ^^

Onward some other stuff - I'm officially Bleach Obsessed. Well, don't blame me...BLAME MY SCHOOLMATE, Sarven Shan! Not like it's a bad thing. Bleach is such a nice anime...don't you just love this Hitsu avvie I'm using? I made it. IT'S MINE, so don't you dare steal it.

I dunno, but I might turn this into an icon journal. I wanna break free of the stereotype "Icon LiveJournals". Different blogging tools are around, so why not use them? ^^

Here's an explanation:

コメント means Comments. トラックバック means Trackback. xD

Okay. Toodles!
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» Wow. xD (2006年02月23日)
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