I changed my blog 

June 07 [Tue], 2005, 12:17
I transfered my blog to here
please click here!


May 18 [Wed], 2005, 16:22
Today I went to UBC to take a class.
I'm not a full time student and partime but I wanted to listen a lecture and know how it is difficult.
I think it was a good experince.
To tell the truth, I couldn't understand what the teacher was saying.
In Japan, I already learned those topics that's why I could understand a liitle bit of them.
However, the teacher's speaking is not so fast. I just don't know those words or I sometimes can't hear their English, anyway.
I could get good experienced.

kayaking5+my bike 

May 17 [Tue], 2005, 16:44
Today I went to west vancouver. It is far from DT and took 40min by a car.
first I took pool session to remember correct rolling because last kayaking was terrible.
I fogot putting my nose plug and Waters were coming my nose.
It makes me panic and I forgot how to roll correctly.
today I could understand again.
I didn't reach my left hand far away.
after the class, we went to the west van to real kayaking.
It was awesome because the river was like a real river.
before the class, i went to a river.
first i thought it was exciting but now I can't feel it.
west vancouver's one is real river and it is exiciting.

after I went to back sea to sky kayaking shop, I was coming back my house by bicicle.
near my house, suddenly, the left brake was coming off and I fell down.
I didn't wear helmet but wore long shirts and gloves and they protected me.
I injured a little bit and now they are hartfull but only painfull.
i will have to have my bike repaird
It will cost money....

kayaking 4 

May 10 [Tue], 2005, 14:16
today first i went to west comunity pool to learn kayaking.
i was a little bit late to wake up so i rushed to go there, however, i was late...
in the pool session, other student who has a lot of experieces taught me how to grab a paddle and my teacher fixed my way to turn and ,today, i suddenly figured out those technics, anyway.
It is very good feeling to figure out something, so today the course is very good.
Of course, I still have mistakes a lot but I can feel what is good and what is bad.
after the pool session, next session is river.
in the river also today is like my day.
every thing goes to good.
edit turn, corrective turn and turn over ,every thing was going to good.
I felt good suny and good moving , everything was fine before we took a short break.
the break cut my concentration.
after we took it, we went back the river to practice again.
my teacher said we could do any practice whatever if we want.
i went up the river that was very exciting., that's why i choosed it .
you know reversing a river is very exciting but very difficult.
I fell over, however I didn(t attach my nose plug so water goes to my nose , my mouse , my ear everywhere.
I was very paniced and i couldn't roll over properly.
that was very bad , it makes me afraid.
from next time, I couldn't do correctly anymore.
i tried several times but today i couldn't anymore anyway.
i'm still fine.
because at that time i was tired and i was just paniced.
after i get used to do it again. I can do it again.

総アクセス数 2222 

April 28 [Thu], 2005, 11:37
I got 2222 hit!!!
thanks every one. these days I've been writing my diary in english,
As a result of it, the number of hits on my website is decreasing, however, some are still reading mine so i could achieve the hits number.
tomorrow, i'm going to Victoria.
see ya

stay up all night 

April 23 [Sat], 2005, 12:59
i met my friend and we watched movies and then i realized it past arleady 12 o'clock, however, i belived i had a final sea bus so i went to warter front station.
But... the entrance was closed.
it means you know the service finished, anyway, i understnad i can't go back my house and i didn't know my friend phone number.
i don't have any choice witout spending time in 24 hours store.
at that time, i went to a subway which is sandwich shop and studied grammar all night.
it was really good time to study because it's the best way to kill time.
i finished one forth of my grammar book.

second days in Victoria 

April 22 [Fri], 2005, 12:30
first we went to a bakerly shop to eat branch.
as a general thing, chinese bakerlies are not good taste for japanese because their baking powders or wheats make breads strangely for japanese.
but the breads are good taste.
after we ate them, went to a castle and a bar to drink a beer.
when we were heading downtown, i got a little bit of angry but it fixed soon.


April 21 [Thu], 2005, 11:50
i'm in Victoria with my friend.
today we went the buchat garden and the butterfly garden.
it's arleady like a summer so Tulips are in full bloom and i smelled good flowers and the butterfly garden is also awsome.
you know i'm majoring agriculture so i like nature, animals, insetcts... etc.
even if it was humid and almost all of butterflies are not beatiful, it was fun for me.

french guy again 

April 20 [Wed], 2005, 16:59
today i met the french guy in my friend's sauna.
when we( i and my friend) met him, i couldn't call him say hello because i was a shy and it made me upset.
But he said to me ' I remenbered you. we met playing room while you were watching shark tale and we watched together' and then it made me relieved and I talked to him a lot of things.
we talked about his job, our building,the sauna, our daily life, and so on....
it continued about 1hour and when he went out, he invited us to join thier dinner , hwever, it's just like a snack party.
but we were pleased to be invited and ,of course, we said yes.
we went playing room about 10:15.
we thought we were late to get there but in the room nobody is there and it's not lit with light, anyway.
we entered and waited but no one came here that is why we ate our snack and watched a TV.
the time was arleady about 11o'clock so i wanted to go back my house and when we were about to clean up the room, they were get into the room.
they are european that's why they don't care about being late and we also knew their nature so we didn't care about it.
they asked me to play a pool so we played it in Japanese VS French.
they were very good player because they have played since they were about 16.
on the other hand, i have played it for 4year but i didn't play it so much and my friend is just only once.
it's not game, they just taught us, anyway, while we were playing, we could talk more and it was fun.
tommorow i'll have to wake up 6o'clock to go to trip but i came back my house 1AM.
and now i'm writing....
i'll go to sleep.


April 19 [Tue], 2005, 15:34
today i met french, french canadian( Qubeck), and canadian (vancouver)
they were very nice and we saw sherk tail together.
it was also very fun and i love it.
the english is easier than others and dialgue is also good.
if you didn't see it, you should ,of course, except closed caption!
especially, sherk's voice who is vegitalian is the easiest i think.
give it a shot!
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