2008年05月22日(木) 13時16分
Damn, I hate to forget about this
I would like to have a better memory but bleh.

Today is Seciliaルナ 1st Anniversary
And it's shamy that I can't make it to their Concert
Also I must get their メモリアルDVD from a 2nd Hand Way.
Damn I'm pissed off, anyways...


always late... 

2008年05月16日(金) 8時20分
Hello again!
Well, as you know I have been sending this package,
but until now I have been always late, and it sucks.
Yesterday's night, I had this dream,
I was at the post office finally sending the package
and since it had no letter with it, I wrote one super fast
but decided not to send it, since it was crappy.

Isn't that pathetic?

lost musical infance 

2008年05月14日(水) 6時50分
Hello again! Well I have been working this,
as you can see I added a tiny 【REV?】 bio。

Remember the last entry? Well I missed the post…
Haha yeah, maybe I'll go tomorrow。

In other stuff, today I felt nostalgic
and started listening to ∧ucifer CDs。
A band formed on '99 and I loved
I specially like their song LUCY
So I decided to record it, and I loved it。


2008年05月13日(火) 16時40分
Hi everyone! I think everything is fine right now,
Or at least everything seems to be in it's place。

Today, I started making a package I'll send later,
This is for りょうじ☆ since I had some gifts for her
She had her BIRTHDAY last 5/10 (must send ASAP)。
So I'm expecting she likes her gifts or appreciate them。

Or I will feel horrible
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