Couponing & Weight Loss: How I lost 100 pounds

October 16 [Wed], 2013, 12:36
What does 250 pounds look like? It is the average weight IGXE Coupon of an adult male American Black Bear rustling through the forest. It is a chubby, newborn elephant taking its first breath. I know what 250 pounds looks like because on this day in 2012 I weighed exactly 250 pounds.

Forcing my 5'6'' frame to carry around all that extra IGXE Coupon weight became a miserable task. Admitting that I squeezed myself into size 20 elastic waist pants, avoided purchasing 2XL shirts or 42DD bras was not something I wanted to do.

Shocked by my admission here? You shouldn't be. IGXE Coupon If you watched me on Fox 6, listened to me at coupon classes, saw me in the grocery store or at work you would have seen my weight increase since the birth of my last child in 2008 and the birth of the Bargain Mom blog in 2009.

While it would be easy to blame kids, work, life and laziness for reaching the 250 mark, I will not. Instead I will point out items or things that were pushing me into a food induced coma and into the biggest pair of pants I had ever owned.
ere we go:

1. No exercise – While I have an elliptical machine in my house, a mountain bike, legs that can walk, etc. I was doing absolutely nothing. From sun up to sun down I worked on deals for the Bargain Mom blog.

2. Didn't do housework – There's a saying that dirty houses equal happy kids – that's not always true. I did spot cleaning but nothing major. Washing windows, scrubbing baseboards, purging unwanted items –yeah right, not at my house. I was the epitome of laziness when housework was mentioned.

3. Food – I ate all of the stuff I scored free or cheap with coupons. Junk and more junk. I admit it. While there are coupons for produce, organics and natural foods – I didn't buy them. Instead I basked in the wealth of cheaply gotten processed junk from the center aisles.