long vication

June 05 [Mon], 2006, 14:24
yeah..have been having fun and hanging out with friends everydayfeel so great...went to casino to play mar jor with sharon,kimee,tim,michale and simon tonight...then went home at about 4..the sun rises when we were walking home...it's a sunny day...we are planning to go picnic tommorow..yeah.....come back..ali and odi..we are waiting for u guys...sharon is leaving in about 10 days...poor me..i'll miss her so much.....flat hunting is not going well..thats bad...i might end up as a homeless...hopefully i can get a uni flat.....
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hi.. my dear.. you are having so much fun there!! I'm feeling very left out here. Don't worry about yr flat hunting, I got an extra nice room here for you..hehehe~~ but you need to come to the other side of the world ~~man!!! haven't seen you 6 or 7 years?? anyway, dun forget yr lovely cousin .. good luck for yr flat hunting..

is it a (shit) icon?
June 09 [Fri], 2006, 13:57
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