oh... wow! 

November 05 [Wed], 2008, 2:46
Woah, I totally forgot that I still have a blog here! °_°
Shame on me... playing too much World of Warcraft the last days...
err, months. ^^°

Let's see if I can find some time to work on this blog again.
But not yet, 'cause our guild will raid Zul'Aman in 30 minutes. XD



December 27 [Thu], 2007, 20:06
Oh man, I just recognized that my last entry is from October! °_°;
Such a long time...

Anyway: Merry X-mas!
Yeah, I know, it's over (and I'm really glad for this), but I still wish anybody who's reading this entry a merry christmas. ;]
Did you get some niiice presents? Ha ha!

On New Year, I will stay with my good friend Anja in Bremerhaven; I'm excited about it! :D
We will have so much fun, yeah!
And on 3rd January I'll have an appointment at an orthopaedic specialist. My left knee has a swelling. =_=

New drawing style. XD

I'm baack! 

October 31 [Wed], 2007, 2:20
Whoa, I am baaaack!
I havn't been online for over a month now (that really was a hard time XD), but finally (!!!) I have an internet connection in my apartment. I'm so happy right now.

Anyway, recently I bought Luminous Arc and Zelda - Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii. All three are really great games... unfortunately, I've beat them all after 2-3 days. I should stop playing so fast... U_U

Einen froehlichen... 

October 03 [Wed], 2007, 19:02
... Tag der deutschen Einheit! XD

Ich bezweifle zwar, dass dies irgendjemand so richtig feiert, aber ein Feiertag ist doch immer willkommen. Besonders was das Ausschlafen betrifft, ha ha! ^_~

Na ja, ich werde mich nachher noch in einen Zug setzen, und zurueck nach Hildesheim tuckern. U_U
Zum Glueck streiken die Lokfuehrer noch nicht; ich finde das ist sowieso eine ziemliche Sauerei, was die dort abziehen.

Was sonst noch? Uh, morgen wieder "Illustrative Grafik". *schauder* Mal gucken, ob ich das Thema dann so langsam verstehe. ^^°


October 03 [Wed], 2007, 1:05
bleh bleh... U_U

Ah, I'm so un-motivated right now; the theme of the "illustrated graphics" course
... sucks. U_U
I need an "interesting event" which I can draw, unfortunately I don't get any newspapers to my apartment; the only news I watch are on TV and they are all too boring to draw. Or it's something I simpy don't want to draw. >__<

GamesConvention Leipzig (Germany) 

October 02 [Tue], 2007, 17:17
Ha ha, I just found some photos from the GamesConvention Leipzig on my Digi-Cam. I've been there together with my brother and a friend at the
end of August.
Yeah, already several weeks ago, I know. XD

Part of the Nintendo-Area. I love the Mii's. XD
But we were a bit disappointed that nothing from "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption",
"Fire Emblem", "Mario Galaxy" or even "Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" was shown. T_T
The only thing which was new was the WiiFit board.
The Square-Enix area wasn't better either. U_U
But the Con was fun after all... we all got a Wilkenson shaver for free! *rofl*

Bachelor-Alarm! XD 

October 02 [Tue], 2007, 3:13
Uwah, letzte Woche fing FH wieder an. Ferien sind somit vorbei. U_U

Tja, und in den Ferien scheint die FH-Verwaltung sich wohl dazu entschlossen zu
haben, dass die Diplomanden sich jetzt wie die Bachelor in Modul-Wahl-Listen ein-
tragen muessen. Aetzend.
Da standen wir also eine gute halbe Stunde zusammengedraengt vor der Aula und mussten warten, bis wir endlich rein durften um uns in die Listen inzuschreiben.
Lustig ist auch, dass ich nur 2 Pflichtkurse machen muss... dafuer bezahle ich
jetzt 700 Euro pro Semester. Fuer zwei Kurse, pff. U_U

Okay, spaeter mehr, jetzt gucke ich erstmal mit meinem Bruder "Spiderman 3". =]

My Sims 

September 20 [Thu], 2007, 17:45
I bought "My Sims" for the Wii yesterday.
So cuuuuute! *___*

Although I am 27 years old and don't say no to games like
"Biohazard / Resident Evil" or "Metroid", my XX-Chromosomes
sometimes need such games. XD
I'm female after all! ;]

Sooo cute. *___*
Like in "Animal Crossing" I named my chara Loki and the city is called
Midgard. ^^

Almost over T_T 

September 19 [Wed], 2007, 21:18
*sigh* My semester vacations are almost over. U_U
Tomorrow I'll return to my apartment in Hildesheim (near Hannover); at the mo-
ment I'm still with my family in Bremen.

Skyline of Bremen (Germany). XD
The two towers on the right belongs to the cathedral.

A test.. I guess X3 

September 19 [Wed], 2007, 20:41
Wow, it seems to have worked! °_°
Thanks to the help of babelfish.com... altough not everything it had translated
made sense. XD

Anyway, I am from Germany and I (unfortunately) can't write or understand much of japanese. Only a very few words. ;]
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