hehehe !! 

September 28 [Wed], 2005, 1:59
Today i talk to my friend from HK. umm She's so serious about her work in this time So i want to do something that make her feel better . Bcoz she is my friend . ah my younger sister leave her comment to that i out of date in this diary so today i just want to up date it again .umm now i have 4 diarys and i will try to up date it all as much as i can haha

Today i will post Ruiza's pic from Gothiclolita bible vol.18 .infact i gotta buy it in this time but i can't do like that. First pic he was Helios. who is Helios or what is helios ?? do you know ?? i can find a little details . Helios is the god of sun or the day or the sun card from taro card. look at him

umm and i want you to see the pic that opposite the pic on the top . In this pic he was selene. You know what 's selene ot who is selene? i think not . Selene is The God of moon or night or the moon card in Taro card . umm i really this card . It's look mysterious and cool . But i don't like him in this look >-< he isn't same my lovely{グズン} . umm so strange. about their look i think he's look to be the man than the old look . But i like a both haha . look at him

The last for this up date . I wanna post the last pic . umm this pic from HoZoban Magazine cover by D'espairsray. And i have to buy it too >_<". umm look at the rose{花} . I think this rose is bigger than his face and it make me fun{ピース} haha . look at his pic again

Finally i want to say mizzyyyyyyy everybody Ruiza chup* I really love you ,all of my son i miz you and my friend mizzy ne take care your health too ^^

ahhhh heavy on my heart !!! 

July 30 [Sat], 2005, 23:12
ahhhh If you read my blog in first page or second page , you have to know who is my love and what band do i love ?

Yes I love D ,you know well . umm and D make me heavy on my heart . May it be happen from my feeling.

Rena who is bass of D has left from the band and D is performing in now.

D lost a good bass and it make me so blue .

once thing that i can do , I just wait , wait and wait .

and i'm so mizzy to my darlin' . the person that you know well that who is he ?

I want to be his power and want him to be my power too !!!!

Fight !! D and my dear

"Love Song of A Moonlit Night " 

May 30 [Mon], 2005, 5:30
Marriage I swear my love for you
until along with my blood, I shall dry up to the last
I kneel before you softly I take your hand kiss...

Marriage smile at me
I give a gift from my heart
Marriage devote your love to me
my life together with you
Marriage I sing of love to you
until along with my throat, I shall dry up to the last

This is one song from D band.
I really like meaning,it's so romantic , don't you think?

Ruizaaaaaaaaaa!!! Please marriage with me
hahaha I really love him . this is truely++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

My photo set 

May 22 [Sun], 2005, 2:05
I just to get D's photo set .

There're 2 sets . I'm so glad to get it.

I order from guruguru but infact i do not to
order this set .

Guruguru send it 's wrong . But i'm ok . .

And One in this set was sold out .

Ruiza kawaiiiiii

First time 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 7:18
This is my first time for this site .

It's hard for me who don't know about Japanese language

but i try my best .

I'm so tried to register but i try to do .

Finally it's successful.

For a lot of word that i don't know , I ask my friend.

Thanks a lot . And it's ok !

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