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July 30 [Wed], 2014, 14:53
Being Hindu, Gandhi was supposed to travel in fifa 14 coins kaufen third class, together with the black people. When he refused to budge, insisting that his firstclass ticket gave him the same right to be in the carriage as anyone else, he was forcefully removed from the train and had to spend the night in Pietermaritzburg station. The incident reaffirmed Gandhi s social conscience and triggered his peaceful struggle against the racism and social injustices of the authorities. Inspired by the works of the American thinker Henry David Thoreau and the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi organised a campaign of civil disobedience among the Indian population to draw attention to the discriminatory laws that assigned them a lower status than whites.

His famous philosophical movement satyagraha 'the force of truth' in Sanskrit, which advocated resistance to oppression through nonviolent means, began to take shape and sowed the seeds of a change that would be completed a century later by Mandela. Passive kickers Football then played a major part in Gandhi s next step of taking the principles of satyagraha to the masses. As a regular spectator at football matches, Gandhi had observed the popular appeal of the emerging sport among the lessprivileged classes in South African society, and decided to use his own passion for the sport as a tool to raise people s awareness of the need to take nonviolent action to achieve equal rights and integration in a society that considered them secondclass citizens.

As the undisputed leader of nonviolent resistance to the apartheid regime of the time, Gandhi helped establish three football clubs at the beginning of the last century, in Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg where he moved at the end of 1904, all of which were given the same name: Passive Resisters Soccer Club. Sadly, there is no evidence proving that Gandhi ever turned out himself for any of the teams or took on any coaching roles, but photos unearthed at Durban s Old Court House Museum do show him posing alongside team players and even delivering speeches to crowds at the pitchside.