The long claw rat is also not pleasurable this time

February 22 [Wed], 2012, 16:17
Play so a great blow area, but power top but want to be greatly up a lot of, snow pellets' playing to beat doesn't wear of thing, this can easily tee off a big hole.
Make people surprised BE, the bullet crashes into, on the claw son of long claw rat, incredibly teed off spark!
Cheap Monster Beats Although the claw son that interrupts two long Monster Beats Dr Dre claw rats, the bullet was also played to open.
Very fierce claw son!
cheap beats by dre Li Fei Nan absolutely believes that the claw son of this long claw rat if catch oneself, absolute ability at moment grasp an a few Cheap Monster Beats Studio blood holes.
The long claw rat is also not pleasurable this time, in the bullet under the huge speed, body fly forward, be bumped and fly backward to, drop into the time of the ground, again backward roll a lot of turn, just dizzily stop bottom.
Li Fei Nan holds tight this opportunity and ran several steps forward, arrived long claw rat before the body and took aim at its head to open 1**.
The warhead of copper hull bullet, speed takes huge kinetic energy and flies and turns, get into long claw rat head, the bone flesh and blood taking it is together vacillating, finally whole head disappear, left one stand flesh and blood just at first.
The small Ru faced to come up:"My father how?I want to see his last side."
"Don't go."Li Fei Nan pulled her and saw at the same time to small promise.
The small promise understands his meaning, is big year of of body, through after growing chewing of claw rat and biting, affirmative disastrous.Let three younger sisters see, doing not know will leave how cheap dre beats of mental wound.Endure pain silently to say:"Three younger sisters don't see, make father rest peacefully like this."
The small Ru also understood what, say:"It is all right."It is suffused with tears light in her eyes.
Li Fei Nan says:"I visit the vacant land of the east of the farm, is very suitable for big uncle of to rest peacefully.Let's bury him over there."
The small promise says:"H'm, you are similar to what me thought."
They lift two corpses to walk toward that.
Face before walking, Li Fei Nan is in that body figure of biggest of long claw rat body up, dig to an energy bag that has already enriched energy quality.
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