Harper to visit Obama in Washington

August 08 [Sat], 2009, 3:16
OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will travel to Washington on Sept. 16 to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama, officials from the Prime Minister’s Office said Friday.

The trip will mark Harper’s first trip to the U.S. capital since Obama was elected president.

While the schedule is still being discussed, officials say they expect the economy, international affairs, energy and the environment will be on the agenda.

The meeting, which will come seven months after Obama visited Ottawa, will be the eighth meeting between the two leaders.

The announcement came during a briefing for reporters about Harper’s upcoming North American summit meeting in Mexico with Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

While Harper will have a bilateral meeting with Calderon, officials said they do not expect a bilateral meeting between Harper and Obama.

1public/political activities affairs [plural]
a) public or political events and activities:
world affairs

They were accused of interfering in China's internal affairs.
the exclusion of women from public affairs
a foreign affairs correspondent for CNN
b) things connected with your personal life, your financial situation etc:
I am not prepared to discuss my financial affairs with the press.
➔ state of affairs at state1 (8)
a) an event or set of related events, especially one that is impressive or shocking:
the Watergate affair
The whole affair was a disaster.
b) used when describing an event:
The party was a very grand affair.
3relationship a secret sexual relationship between two people, when at least one of them is married to someone else [= love affair]
affair with
He had an affair with his boss that lasted six years.
4object informal old-fashioned used when describing an object, machine etc:
The computer was one of those little portable affairs.
5 be somebody's affair if something is your affair, it only concerns you and you do not want anyone else to get involved in it:
What I do in my free time is my affair.

be honest, i didnt know his name...Stephen Harper.
im sorry. cause usually i cant catch many news about Canada.
but ill pay attention to him and this country from now!

to give someone all the information about a situation that they will need
brief somebody on something
The president has been fully briefed on the current situation in Haiti

involving two groups or nations
bilateral relations/trade/agreements/negotiations etc

OH, its already 3:25am...
i have to go to school today...for seminar.
but i havent prepared for it and made up this blog...so bad girl...
anyway, i really feel like to learning english again.
so im going to write many things what ive learnt here,
and keep my motivation

i am sorry,
maybe really boring blog for other people!! i know.
so you shouldn't read come here again...sorry
i just hope you have a nice day.

im just a japanese girl. university student.
and just wanna learn english to change my boring life to pleasing one.
make it better.
and prepare my future that would ask me to use fluently English.
so hope this blogging helps my english improved even a little,
i hope so...

ill up the vocabularies by some news like this,
and diary, small memo, international news and so on...
but maybe benefit for only me :p

k, im going to sleep. OYASUMI!!
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