My birthday 

March 21 [Sat], 2009, 14:03
I turned 28 years old today
I went restaurant with my boyfriend

On the way in the car, we were arguing about socks
I don't feel good for a while because of it

At the restaurant...

We enjoyed having dineer my order is Hamberg with cheese and soup

Lights turned down a bit.
I thought what is going on ??
Store will close soon?
Waitpersons bring birthday cake with candle and presents

I thought
Oh,Someones birthday..
But that was for me!!

I didn't notice these are for me untill they bring them on our table
I was alomost clying with touching moment

I said thank you and love hime a lot
He is really sweat person that I've ever met.
And also I'm the one that Happiest girl in the world..
Just jorking... Many girls in the world think so same as me

He was planning for a couple of days what he makes me surprise
I'm really happy to have such a wonderful boyfriend.

Boring but busy 

January 23 [Wed], 2008, 23:31
I've been in my home today.
Seems boring but I like being alone and also have a lot to do
When my day off.

What I've done today is prepear for my work,cleaneed my room
What else??

I slept until 4 pm today. What the heck I'm doing..
Wasting my time...

I got mail from my office(Head quarter)
New students will join my class.(brothers)

I'm so glad.
I still cant't relieve but my philosophy could be correct
I think
So I've gotta keep up what I have to do from now on ,too
Wanna be great teacher from kids also parents

I dont' know why this writing system move so slow
Because of my old computer ??
It's really pissed me off...


January 20 [Sun], 2008, 14:17
Yesterday was hiphop party of my boyfriend.
And Guest were coming from Osaka. DJ GEORGE & DJ READ

I went party with my bellydance friend femi
She is canadian She also like going to club and dance.
We got Club DEEP around 11:30

Arter midnight,Floor became crowded.
I met new people from U.S and Germany.
One of them starts bellydancing from femi's lesson
She is so active and friendly,looks like Rinka.
So cute

Man who was drunk trying to touch my cloth so I got away from him
Hopefully, Friend of my boyfriend helped me .
I appreciate it he is brave.

It happens sometimes, That's club
Irritating me though,

Anyway, I really had good time. We stayed there 4 oclock!!
I drunk 4 grass of alcohol.

Today is sunday.
I'll clean up my room from now

Birthday party again 

January 16 [Wed], 2008, 23:12
I went steak shop with my ex-co worker.
I hadn't eaten so much today what I order was fillet. It was so delicious.
But My stomach easily gets upset.
I'm not young enoght to eat steak these days,,,sad

When my day off,I usually try to practice dance.
My favorite DVD is this ↓↓

This is good for my isolation,shimmies,Layering practice.
Not too long so I don't get tired.
I've gotta make my choreography for next show but I'm stuck ..mmmm
What should I do???
Anyway I think it will be OK ,I hope


January 14 [Mon], 2008, 15:01
I have an U-SEN. I usually tune in HIPHOP music or healing music for yoga.
U-SEN has a lot of channels(Education,Radio,Language,music classic and so on)
Last night I was checking the channel and
I rang a bell

Listening business English radio or U.S's radio is really useful improving my English skill.
Business English is from NHK.Not so difficult to understand.
but program is short and same story is played on and on
so kinda boring..

But U.S's radio,it's not boring.Many vocaburarry I can learn which I don't understand
so a little difficult to understand.

I also like watching [The OC]
It teaches me new English which is used recent U.S and mainly young people.
Learning new English is important although it might be gone after decade

My student often ask me [How do you say~~ in English?}
sometimes I can't tell 'cause My English is poor...Oh boy.....
Study harder.. Never give up

my day 

January 13 [Sun], 2008, 17:54
I watched the DVD [Malcolm X] with working.

My boyfriend really knows about black culture and background.
I've learn some from this DVD.
There is still racial discrimination in this world not only black people but also asian,too.
I wonder, what's the big deal about skin color ?
Everyone has same color of blood.
I don't care no matter what color of skin you have.
For me, important thing is what kind of personality you are or what you done.
It's not easy to be gone racial discrimiation but hope it will be gone someday.

I ate a lot again Mainly gummy... can't help eating.....
help me......

Birthday party of my best friend 

January 13 [Sun], 2008, 1:28
I've started this brog to improve my english skill.
'cause my English is getting worth thugh there are some misspelling and grammar,
Pleaze just annoy it.

I had birthday party of my best friend.
We went bar [Moment] in Tenmonkan
I really love this place cozy and beautiful.
We had a dinner and then
went to coffe shop.

Me and friend give her present Yoga mat,flower soap,bag and pretty jewery box.
I bought them tinga tinga and fran fran.
Tinga tinga is my best favorite place to buy things for me and present, too
And also shop clerk is kind.

Now I'm back home writting diary.
My stomach is upset. Perhaps, ate too much.....mmmmm
Should lose my weight more and more ,though
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