It feels good today! ^____^

June 29 [Wed], 2005, 22:30
OMG OMG I got a call from my grandmother today, (well, I called her) and she said that she saw my first crush's (not exactly first ^_^") mom today when she went to buy a
clippy thing His mom (I know her pretty well and she
knows me) asked if I was not coming back yet! And
she also said that he'll quit baseball after this year!!! ;___; His done it for 9 years... But he said that he's kind of tired of it! LOL I do remember him saying that he wants to be
like Ichirou (Famous/kakkoii Japanese baseball player in

To tell you the truth, I've always thought that he
(my crush) looks KIND OF like Ninomy
To think about it now,,, NO WONDER I liked him!! NINO! I mean... I don't think he'll look that much like nino when you compare them together, but I think the
atmosphere kind of reminds me of NINO I wonder if he
remembers me I hope he'll get into a good college

I excercized again!! Yokkata- At least it wasn't like only a day thing! BUT I can't help eating so much COME ON! Look how tasty that Cake looks!! And all the other tasty stuff!

Okay Okay! Enough of Pictures! I just got carried away with all the sweets and I'm still excited that I can actually upload pictures now

I'll update in about a minute!! LOL I want to make that one in ARASHI catagory!

Chou Happy XD

June 28 [Tue], 2005, 14:55
We got packages from our grandmother!! *dances* I'm having or had serious acne problem and I got another clenser and a acne medicine!! Thank goodness And I got a soy and pineapple lotion that is supposed
to make unwanted hair disapper That means that I won't have to shave my legs or anything anymore!!!!!!!!!
Chou Happy

Oh! And I'll have to go run around in a circle in my living-
room again LOL

I really need to get a haircut , lose weight , fix the ance
problem , learn KOREAN for goodness sake, get taller , get a cute cell phone, and get new pretty clothes !!! LOL That's the stuff I WANT to do XD

Oh, I heard that the Johnny's Shop doesn't have anything with arashi anymore for now I don't really know, but
I have heard that there was only one little section and that she wasn't able to buy anything I really want more arashi goodsand I would like to give some to Mrs.Nino, but one of the fans just said that where it used to be arashi goods section are now NewS and Kanjani 8 section!!!!!!

It's been a long time!

June 27 [Mon], 2005, 20:24
I should start blogging at least every other day, but I didn't... Guess I have been really lazy huh? Well, the last time I tried to update (Don't make any excuses!!) it won't show up on my site and my pictures were not being shown!!

Well, now that I have checked since the 10th of June (lol) I found out that the blog is showing!!! ^___^ So I decided to blog again

I can finally download JE stuff!!! Ureshiiiiiiiiiii
And I can watch AVI files now, bc my computer has been behaving better now in korea than in knoxville So I can watch the stuff i download!!!

I feel like I'll get in trouble for uploading idol pictures... Because i got this new site (which i haven't even used, but i'll use it when i get my cell or batteries for the little digital cam.) anyways, it's a site where you update pictures and it's yapeus or smth LOL same com. with this site, but it said that idol pix are not allowed! No wonder all the idol fans mark out the eyes or make it kind of invisible when they upload idol pix! So i hope i won't get in trouble!! XP

I exercied for 30 min.!! But the funniest thing is, when someone asks me "how did you lose weight?" i'll have to answer "by running around in a circle for 30 minutes in the
livingroom!" ROFL
anyways! I need to do this everyday or else i won't be able to face arashi no minna when I have a chance!! (You'll never have a chance, so i don't think you'll have to worry about that!!)

I'll try to update as much as I can!! (you say that everytime you STOP blogging!!) *shakes head*

Jya ne
Blow Kisses!!

Boy Oh BOY!!

June 10 [Fri], 2005, 21:09
I am officially in KOREA now!!
Close to JAPAN = close to ARASHI (Crazy fan girl as usual LOL)

I got here on June 7th! I left US on the 6th and I am actually really fine right now! Not tired or anything I was late by about an hour and thirty min, meeting my uncle so he was really worried!! He thought to himself that if I won't appear by 6 o'clock (I met him at 5:30) he'll call the immigration center to see if anything went wrong or something!! LOL

My uncle is soo great He fixed my laptop AND my mp3 player!!!!!! Well, he's just great in general

Hehe! I get to use my OWN for now because everyone isn sleeping!! I'm usually pretty busy, bc I don't have my own room for now, and my sisters are usually pulling me EVERYWHERE!! LOL

I am just so excited that my computer actually listens to me now
Maybe I can upload screencaps from my PC now!! XD lets try *takes screencaps of HOT SHO in FuryouShounen no Yume*

AHH! He's sooo HOT isn't he!! I LOVE his black hair!!!

I should go take shower now

Bye Bye

At My Friends House

June 01 [Wed], 2005, 8:40
YEI!!!!!! Whoa... Guess what!! I'm at my friend's house right now and we slept at 6 in the morning watching Arashi Videos!! And we woke up at 3 LOL and NOW, we are watching Gokusen!!! I convinced my friend Xueqing to be one of the ARASHI FAN!!! GO ME! and she made me one of the Jay Chou fan he's so hot too! Xueqing likes Uchi the blonde one (he was in stand up too! the tall one ) he's real name is Shun Oguri, the one that is going out with Yaguchi Mari

Well, I had such a great time but I have to go home in about 10 minutes I wish i could stay a little bit longer *cries*

I wonder if I can upload more from my friend's computer

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I can actually upload pictures in here from my friends's laptop!!

love ya ;)


May 07 [Sat], 2005, 9:45
Last time when I couldn't use the internet, it just took away my motivation of blogging everyday LOL But i'll try to update every now and then ;) but what I can't STAND is that since my PC is soo stupid, it won't let me load big info, so i can't write as much
AGH! I'm soo worn out ;___; I wish I can just relax this whole weekend and do nothing except watching some ARASHI videos! But you know, it won't happen!
I'm trying to make up my own layout and put ARASHI kun tachi (LOL) no Picture, but I don't know how *feels shame of my lack of understandings*
Have to start on my homework now *sigh*


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 2:09
I am going to Virginia today!! We are going racing with my dad! Nothing actually fun this Spring Break but Oh well! I'll just look forward to my videos that are going to be sent by my grandmother next week!! And I'm so happy that Sakkun is going to be on so many TV shows for his drama!! YEI!!!!!! And I can finally watch Gokusen 2! Even tho i can only watch the last couple without watching the first 4 eps. I'll be happy to see even one!! ^___^
MRS.NINO, I hope you can take a few breaks to get rid of your stress! Good Luck with the rest of your paper!! Ganbare ^_^

WoW It's been a long time!

March 23 [Wed], 2005, 9:00
I haven't blogged for like a month or at least that's what it feels like! Sorry about that I have been so busy with history and I didn't like how I had to chop up the entires in order to blog ^^;; But I DO have SOOOOO many stories to tell you about K-Kun AHH he is the sweetest thing ever I'll email you I listened to just a little bit of Tetsunagou on Jun Style, but I haven't listen to the whole thing! I like it tho XD but I Sakura Sake even more!!! It's so encourageing


February 21 [Mon], 2005, 20:59
I got my email! *PHEW* I was worried that I'll never receive my emails from Flo again! Thank Goodness!

It's rainy today... I LIKE IT But i like too! Either way is fine, but i hate cloudy days (Who asked!?) LOL

I gotta go back to my HOMEWORK *Screams* C-ya later guys I YOU and ARASHI (AHAHA)


February 17 [Thu], 2005, 12:49
Well, i have to go and finish my LOVELY homework!! and then I haヴぇ to excersizea little so I can start losing those HUGE fat I have! and I also have to do a little exercize that will increase her height!!! *Trying to impress K-Kun, but so far it's no working* FIGHT OH I You all and have a good day! :D Bye Bye (Im sure you can notice that i broke up the paragraphs of ONE blog and put it into like 4!) LOL

I ARASHI as always
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