May 07 [Sat], 2005, 9:45
Last time when I couldn't use the internet, it just took away my motivation of blogging everyday LOL But i'll try to update every now and then ;) but what I can't STAND is that since my PC is soo stupid, it won't let me load big info, so i can't write as much
AGH! I'm soo worn out ;___; I wish I can just relax this whole weekend and do nothing except watching some ARASHI videos! But you know, it won't happen!
I'm trying to make up my own layout and put ARASHI kun tachi (LOL) no Picture, but I don't know how *feels shame of my lack of understandings*
Have to start on my homework now *sigh*


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 2:09
I am going to Virginia today!! We are going racing with my dad! Nothing actually fun this Spring Break but Oh well! I'll just look forward to my videos that are going to be sent by my grandmother next week!! And I'm so happy that Sakkun is going to be on so many TV shows for his drama!! YEI!!!!!! And I can finally watch Gokusen 2! Even tho i can only watch the last couple without watching the first 4 eps. I'll be happy to see even one!! ^___^
MRS.NINO, I hope you can take a few breaks to get rid of your stress! Good Luck with the rest of your paper!! Ganbare ^_^


March 25 [Fri], 2005, 3:53
Yei Sakura Sake My grandma said she'll buy me this CD I usually don't buy singles, but I think our (Our??) Arashi deserves some HIT on this song I ARASHI as always XD

Fuyu no Sonata (Winter Sonata) 

March 23 [Wed], 2005, 9:17
I'm watching Fuyuno Sonata this Spring Break and so far I LOVE IT!! I used to wonderwhy everyone in Japan was or is in love with Yon Sama, but OH BOY! Now i know!! He's like a PRINCE from a fairy tale

WoW It's been a long time! 

March 23 [Wed], 2005, 9:00
I haven't blogged for like a month or at least that's what it feels like! Sorry about that I have been so busy with history and I didn't like how I had to chop up the entires in order to blog ^^;; But I DO have SOOOOO many stories to tell you about K-Kun AHH he is the sweetest thing ever I'll email you I listened to just a little bit of Tetsunagou on Jun Style, but I haven't listen to the whole thing! I like it tho XD but I Sakura Sake even more!!! It's so encourageing

SOUTA Kun and KEITA Kun 

February 21 [Mon], 2005, 21:12
I watched Moto Kare this weekend! Speaking of Moto Kare, Kinki's Tsuyoshi kun's little brother (In the Drama) was HOT atsuiA *Faints* His name is Saitou Shouta and he has a twin name Keita SO FINE! Ahhhhh! They were also in Kid's War, Kinpachi Sensi, HOTTO MAN 1&2, Waterboys 2!! WOW but i still like ARAcHI better ^_^; LOL


February 21 [Mon], 2005, 20:59
I got my email! *PHEW* I was worried that I'll never receive my emails from Flo again! Thank Goodness!

It's rainy today... I LIKE IT But i like too! Either way is fine, but i hate cloudy days (Who asked!?) LOL

I gotta go back to my HOMEWORK *Screams* C-ya later guys I YOU and ARASHI (AHAHA)


February 17 [Thu], 2005, 12:49
Well, i have to go and finish my LOVELY homework!! and then I haヴぇ to excersizea little so I can start losing those HUGE fat I have! and I also have to do a little exercize that will increase her height!!! *Trying to impress K-Kun, but so far it's no working* FIGHT OH I You all and have a good day! :D Bye Bye (Im sure you can notice that i broke up the paragraphs of ONE blog and put it into like 4!) LOL

I ARASHI as always

SCHOOL >o< *KYA-* 

February 17 [Thu], 2005, 12:46
Excuse me for blogging every second, but it seems to me that this site can only put little amout at a time so i'll blog many times a day! I hope you don't mind!!

Oh gosh! I am not doing well in my history right now It's so HARD!! *Whines* (Please excuse her, she loves history, but she has a hard time understanding *Sigh*) Oh, and i don't think i did so good on my math test either... *Shakes head* Well, i don't think it'll be that bad, i just think it won't be like 100s... I made 103 on the first one and a 104 on the second one!!! (Please let her brag a little for now, this and science is the ONLY think she actually CAN brag about ^^ ")


February 17 [Thu], 2005, 12:44
I don't really know if I've been having a GREAT week, or a really BAD one... Well, the thing is, I was really convinced that i have such GREAT friends who encourages me so much, but this guy that i like (K-Kun) and i are not getting along as much as we should be *Cries until she run out of tears* Oh, well it's something that can't be helped, and Kaori needs to get used to it Life is Hard DAKARA Happy!! (Uh OH! There goes herarashi-fan self that can't be hidden!) LOL

You are my Soul Soul Itsumo sugu soba ni aru!! ^__^
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