Three Men and a Tenor 

December 14 [Wed], 2005, 23:43
In the evening, Sayaka and I went to the concert of Three men and a tenor with our host family.

Before I meet my host family, I rushed to the super market and bought a bouquet because next day was Marcie's birthday But I was late to meet Marcie and David, so I ran from the bus stop to my dorm. I droped my camera twice on the way to running to my dorm and broke it But Marcie was very happy to see the bouquet, so I was glad^^

I heard from David about Three men and a tenor before, so I was very excited to see them. The singer group was of four people, and the tenor was only 5 feet hight (about 160 centimeter) How cute he was

Their talking was very funny, so I laughed a lot. The music was wanderful of course, and I was impressed. The harmony of four men voices enchanted me. It was so nice concert, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much David and Marcie

Happy Thanks giving (part 2) 

December 14 [Wed], 2005, 23:36

On the last day of Thanks giving (11/27), Sayaka and I planed to make Japanese food. We made Okonomi-yaki. We planed by ourselve, bought ingredients by ourselve, and made it. It was first experience for us in USA, and was harder than we thought We did it though While we were cooking, Marcie and David were very worried about us, but when we served it they were very happy. We thought we made too much, but they ate almost all of them, so I was surprised. I was very very happy to see that they were happy

Happy Thanks giving 

December 14 [Wed], 2005, 22:20

In USA, people have a week holiday in the end of November, called Thanks giving. This is one of the biggest holidays in USA. People celebrate harvest eating foods that are native in their districts. In USA, Those are turkeies, pumpkins, potatos, and cranberries.

I stayed with my hostfamily whole this holiday.
The first day, we had heavy snow. On the way to our house from our dorm, we went to see the big Christmas tree near the capital.
Oh, how beautiful it was!!
In this evening, we ate lighter meal than usual because we were supposed to eat big dinner tomorrow That was delicious though(as all of foods that were made by Marcie). We had soup dinner and nice time.

The next day was Thanks giving. Marcie was preparing for dinner from the morning David, Sayaka and I spent time watching TV.
There was lot of snow outside, so Sayaka and I sometimes went out and made small snow stuff. Then, we helped Marcie to cook just a short time.
We had a Turkey, mushed poteto, sweet potato, cranberry source and pumpkin pie. Before we ate dinner, each said about what we thank for. I had too many pople who I have to thank, but I mentioned only David and Marcie, all of my friends, teachers, my family, and my boy friend. That was not big dinner because it was only for four people but was cosy, nice, and I really enjoyed it. I got full and took a rest in front of the fire place. I was very very happy.


November 29 [Tue], 2005, 13:33

Novenber, 11th, I visited Frankenmuth with all HOSEI student. Frankenmuth is a villedge where German imigrants live in.
The city was very fancy, and I could see many cariages.
We ate German meal at lanch, which include strange foods.
One of them was red pickles that looked like Umeboshi.
It tasted like sweet corn, but nobody liked it. I was OK though.

There was a woman in the restaurant who played accordion during the lunch time. She found that we are Japanese, and played Japanese song, 「上を向いて歩こう」and 「星の世界」. I was very gladed to hear that, and felt like being full just because of the music She also found we were all MSU student, and played MSU food ball cheer song. It was very fun time.
After that, we visited a huge Christmas shop. It was so huge!! Amazing!
The whole of the store was full of just only stuff for Christmas, which was crazy. All sudents and I enjoyed that anyway. Some student spend lot of money for Christmas shoping like American people. I bought a music box in the shape of guitar, which atracted me, and a stuffed animal of snow man.

Frunkenmush was a little bit strange place, but I enjoyed to go there .......I'm here

Content classes 

November 12 [Sat], 2005, 13:18
The leeves mostly fall down by the heavy rain of a day before yesterday.
The high tempreture of yesterday was 8℃. Winter has come and I am wondering if I should buy new boots or not.

I have three kind of classes. Reading & writing, content, and listening & speaking.
The content class is only elective class I have, and I took the American Culuture class, which we can learn American culuture through reading various kind of story American children have.

I read "The Velveteen Rabbit" yesterday for the class.
It was lovely, but sad story so I cried while I was reading it.
The teacher also cried when she read it, but when she asked in the class today, there was nobody cried to read this story except me!!
I don't think only I was so sensitive.

I began to watch another content class, Variety of English, from yesterday because I was interested in the relationships between language and the backgrround of the user.
Moreover, since there are only a month I can stay here, I am getting enthusiastic about everything

Acutually, there are no lecture in this class so far because they were discussing about the movies they required to see, but it's ok for me.
Today, Laura, who is my favorite teacher of reading class, was also observing this class. Oh, I'm so lucky
I could have small talk with her about our majors.
Her major was teaching English, but she liked many things, and me too!!
I had fun and her smille mede me happy

Holloween ! ! 

November 05 [Sat], 2005, 5:48
  Sunday, Oct. 30
I went to Peacock Road Tree Form
with all HOSEI students.
There were many animals like rabitts,a baby cow, baby pigs, little ponnys, and even a rama, so I was really exited to see that.
A little cow was my favoeite one. I tried to take pictures with her, but she really liked my jeans, and kept licking it.
After that, we made Jack' O.lantern, lamp of pumpkin.
We picked up our pumpkin.There were no small pumpkins, every pumpkin was two or three times as big as my face!!
Oh my god! Everything is huge in USA.
Then, we curved it. Taking off the top of pumpkin was hard, but making face was easy and fun.
Everyone made different faces.
This is mine It's cute isn't it?
After we had dinner around fire, we put candles in it.
Happy Happy Halloween!!

Next evening, we went to my host family's house after class to help to pass out candies for children.
They can visit neighbors only from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
The funny thing was that the sign was an alarm that is same one of disaster.
The children on Holloween can be disaster!! Wao!
Sorry for kidding.

This was first time that I saw real tricking treat.
I was looking forward to see their costumes.
I really liked the little girl wearing princess or fairy costumes.
Oh, it was so cute!!
Some children were wearing very scarly costume. Oh my god...
I also saw many little boy wearing Power Ranger costumes.
All boys all over the world want to be a hero!!^^

Science Experiment 

October 27 [Thu], 2005, 5:45
Yesterday, we had a science experiment in the reading class. We made volcano and Ooey Gooey!!
At first, we made Ooey Gooey. The name is fanny to say. Ooey Gooey !! ha ha

Ooey Gooey
First, we put corn starch in the polyester bag.Then, we put a few drop of food coloring in it. After that, we poured water in it and mixed.

I was really interested in Ooey Gooey. It was liquid like mud, but if it was
squeezed, or made pressure, it will turn into solid. I enjoyed and liked this
strange object. My teacher laughed at seeing me

The volcano was more dramatic. We put
some baking soda in clear cup, then, poured vineger. It bubbled and boiled out.

The teacher and we were very excited at these experiment, but we still had to remember to write a report about it because this is reading class.

Fancy lessons 

October 24 [Mon], 2005, 11:29
Usually, I stay with my host family, David and Mercie on weekends.
I also stay with Sayaka, who is one of Hosei student.

On Sunday evening, we went to the Italian style restaurant for dinner.
There were lots of glasses in the bar stand.
So, I asked David why the wine glasses are that shapes.

Drinking wine is more popular in USA than in Japan,
so I took to being interested in wine after I came here.
I leaned many things about wine from David and Mercie.

At this time, they tald us about the differences of red wine and white wine.
I found that red wine is more sensitive with temprature,
and it takes longer time to make them than white wine.
I also didn't know that it is better to keep white wine cooler.
That's why the wine glasses are that shapes,
so that our hands don't affect on the temprature of wine.

Now that I knew how delicate wine is, I got more interested in them.

They also tald about pufume, insense, and aroma oils.
I was really interested in these fragrances.
When I was in Japan, I could learn about them in books,
but nobody tald me about them because they are mostly Western cluture.

This evening, I could learn many things that I wanted to know.
I enjoyed the dinner very much, with nice foods and wonderful familly.

The Party with Elementary Kids 

October 20 [Thu], 2005, 8:50
In the evening, I went to the elementary school where we had a presentation last Wednesday. I went there to have a dinner with children.

I prepared a lot of food for the dinner.
I bought some rice cakes at the oreantal market.
I thought children will be delight if they see the rice cakes, because last time, I told them about rice cakes.

But there are less children than I thought, and children pointed at my rice cakes curiously.
I was famillier with some children, but I was not sure they remember me.

Two children tought us a game using dice.
They were very exited to do that, so I enjoyed it very much.
Both of the children, Jecica and Zoey were atractive.

Actually, I wanted to talk more with their parents and teachers,
but I was afraid of that because I wasn't confident with my English.
I can talk with my class mates who are not American, but I am too shy to talk with other Americans.
I should learn from other Korean students of being brave.


October 19 [Wed], 2005, 12:11
Yesterday, I had a presentation for Listening and Speaking class.
This will be grade for middle term,so I had to take it seriously.

My presentation theme was The Hurricane Animal Victims.
I didn't prepare enough, so I got very nervus before the presentation.
The presentation was OK, and I was very released.

After that, I felt like talking more in English.
I talked with Vanya, a classmate who speaks English fruently.
But I couldn't say all of what I wanted to say, so I decided to take to keeping English diary.
I hope I can improve my English more and more.
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