forever is Chinese most ingrained complex

February 18 [Tue], 2014, 16:13
Homeland, forever is Chinese most ingrained complex, especially in the Spring Festival, this feeling is deduced to get more intense. So, during the Spring Festival transport during the Spring Festival Exodus become "appearance rate" of one of the highest terms. Some people say, never a times, as the flow of time, the Chinese nostalgia drying so bold and strong. Yes, whenever the Spring Festival approaching, people in a foreign land no matter what kind of occupation, no matter how far apart and hometown, will rush to "back in time", only for the family reunion, only for a little while enjoying the warmth of affection. And one of the Spring Festival, we had to leave, because in the family, we must strive for the dream, but also for the responsibility on the shoulders of the struggle. In return it to and fro, hometown and country become a difficult choice in our hearts, and a real version of the "Shuangcheng" is staged continuously PolyU DBA.
For us, what it means to land? Perhaps more job opportunities, more modern way of life, more easily realize the value of life. However, home also has a lot of let us trouble place, high prices, traffic jams, not easy to integrate into the social circle and so on, let us enjoy the high material life, but do not go out the spirit of the lost and confused. Then, we identified the "home" is not "home", we only the city passenger and non resident.
If the return to hometown, hometown and what can we bring? Most people's home is the three or four line of the city, although the environment is familiar with, life pressure small, but fewer opportunities, complex relationships, sometimes seems to be more important than the ability of operation. In my hometown, we can "feel" but not "peace of mind", and more, hometown of narrow sky let us unable to stretch the wings of a dream. But, most people in the repeated entanglement and measure selected "Shuangcheng Ji", try to use a city to comfort homesickness, and then another city writing dream.
Cloud Provider If we can only have a choice, what is should choose "home", or "home"? For Chinese speaking, this is a difficult proposition, two equivalent weight of "demand" let us not clear decisions, we give chess between "fish" and "bear's paw" to.
But, thankfully with "construction" people-oriented to accelerate urbanization, we have seen the three or four line of the city is no longer occlusion, old, dilapidated appearance, city become bigger and more beautiful, life becomes more and first-tier cities standards, national policy support, international and domestic famous enterprises be settled down, updating the city environment, let the three or four line city coruscate gives more vigor and vitality, also raises the return deep in the hearts of the people always potential "".
Just imagine, why we have so many yearning for the "home"? Why are we willing to youth and blood of their volatile in the "home" on the land? In fact, we more yearning and is not specific to the city or the city, but the city or the city can bring us glory, we are longing for more broad sky, flying free. If, one day, our dream home can really become the hotbed of breeding, then we need a trip abroad. I think, we would prefer to keep the dream home, work You beauty.
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