a new life 

August 11 [Thu], 2005, 14:29
Hey y'all .
i have been doin makeover to myself lately and i'm lovin the change. not only in appearance but also in my heart. I found something i've never wanted to know lately and it has changed my idea strongly. I think that had helped me to become more independent and stronger (at least a teeeeny teeeny bit lol)
HIRO: i am gettin stronger in relationship(also myself) and i have been findin true me bits by bits and that really helps out on how to look at ur most important person in ur life. i dont know whether that would work on anybody else but it's clearly has been for me. I have been lovin who he is for what he does eventhou it's nothin u'll do to urself or out of ur idea. I have less fear and more trust on him altho i know what is going on truely. I still love him for whom he is and he is the best man i have ever met in my life. what would the fears and worries do to u anyways....let's understand that each person has their own ideas and it's not always completely the same. I know we gotta go thru so much to understand what our men do to us but just simply,let's believe in him and trust his acts. Because we fell in love with them for what they do in their lives and who he is. I MISS talking to u very much and i'm looking forward to see you very soon ma girly.
AYAKA: u are true inspiration to me and lovin talkin to ya! we all have our problems don't we? and believe it or not it's our destiny to go thru hella crazy drama in our lives. grrrr. u are very strong person and very close to what i go thru and i'm really glad to hear u caz we totally understand it! i need to get my nails refill so ill probably see ya aroud again and i would love to go out for tea or shoppin sometime soon with u! (nanpa chuuu...lol)

NOW picture time of my baby


July 23 [Sat], 2005, 10:28


June 19 [Sun], 2005, 7:10
HaPpy 1st BiRtHdAy to KAI chan
June 17th 2005


June 13 [Mon], 2005, 17:54


May 08 [Sun], 2005, 15:38
SLEEPING with my baby.....yes i'm real tired of studying and working on my assignments...GRRRRRRrrrrr

Beijo 2 

April 04 [Mon], 2005, 12:31

Cute ya? he's a BOY


March 28 [Mon], 2005, 7:11

yo it's sunny out. gotta wear it


March 28 [Mon], 2005, 6:43
HaPpY EaStEr SuNdAy
Have a nice one y'all

spring break 

March 22 [Tue], 2005, 15:37
濃いメンバーやね 笑
FaShIon ShOw at Reign Night Club. it wasn't great but got to dress up so that was fun I'm so PALE...damn i need to back to beach soon


March 22 [Tue], 2005, 15:28
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