What color is right for you?

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 15:58

For some young women waiting for a magical night in high school, the challenge of finding the perfect Celebrity Dresses is not in style but in color. It is true that some young women have a color firm and fixed in wearing a beautiful blue gowns for graduation or an elegant black dress with the color adjustment. But if are a person who wants to do gravitate towards a single color from hours to study carefully catalog and find “the one,” What color prom dress is right for your big night? If you’re stuck on ideas, here are some tips to help you narrow your choices.

1) Look for colors that complement your skin tone. If you find your skin becomes yellow or beige linen or natural light, is revealed to have a warm tone that is best enhanced by rich, earthy colors like red and brown. Cooler skin tones appear more blue or dark to bright light may be better using similar colors purple and blue.

2) Use the method of eye color. It is not uncommon for people to use colors that match your eyes and therefore highlight color. Dark eyes, for example, work well with the dramatic black evening gowns or rich tones like bronze.
3) If you have some weight to hide, do not feel you have to settle for a white Wedding Dresses to look thinner. While people say that black is “thin” is not always the case. What’s more important is the cut of her dress and the way is designed to emphasize your best features. If you are wearing clothes of a larger party, do not be afraid to choose a bold color that complements your skin or eyes.

4) Ask a friend or family to help with a color proof. From a critical view of a judge to choose the colors that look best on you.
Depends on the color of their hair or eyes, if you are pale or dark skin, there is a color that matches your look.
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