Rotary kiln calcination process control

July 17 [Tue], 2012, 16:07
Rotary kiln calcination process control
The smash the machinery in the field of mining machinery plays an ball mill important role.Mining crushing machinery, including broken machinery and milling machinery.Mining crushing machinery crushing operation, the application of mechanical forces on the solid material into small pieces, powder or powder mechanical. Crushing machinery to crush characteristics of operations and energy consumption, the amount of wear-resistant materials and grinding media, severe dust and noise. Crush crushing operations significant features are: energy consumption, the amount of wear-resistant materials and grinding media, severe dust and noise.Application of grinding technology can reduce the particle size of materials to a certain size; increase the surface area of aterials, in order to improve the speed of the effects of its physical effects or chemical reactions; monomer separation of the different components in the crushed material in order to further each other separate and so on. Grinding technology is based on the physical properties of the material, the material block size and the required degree of refinement to select.For hard materials, by extrusion, bending and splitting; should be used for brittle materials, the impact and splitting; material block is large, splitting and bending; materials block small or discharge particle size is very small, should Rotary Kiln be used brick making machine shock and grinding.If you choose to grinding technology, will smash difficulties or excessive crush phenomenon, both of which increase the energy in the process of crushing consumption. Classification techniques to smash machinery, or form of the structure or by grinding technology, or velocity, or by force Cone crusher type, classified according to the degree of refinement. brick making machine:

Crushed crushed before and after the particle size ratio is the size of the degree of change.Single smash machinery is, it is equal to alicey999 the feed particle size and the ratio of the maximum particle size of the nesting; for crushing machinery composed of multiple crushing system, which is equal to the initial feed particle size and the final row of particle size than or equal to the crushing machinery to crush even the product ratio.Crushed than when using crusher broken material commonly referred to as the crushing ratio. When crushed than that requires a great deal, crushing operations are often composed of several crushed to complete the mechanical crushing system.Materials after all units in this system, milling machinery, and its particle size is gradually reduced, and finally reach the required particle size.In this crushing system at each stage should be selected appropriate milling machinery and crushed than to maintain the coordination between the various stages of production capacity.Meanwhile, in order to reduce excessive smash smash performance and reduce energy consumption, and also for screening or classification after each crushing operations. A large number of industrial and agricultural production, crush the work of consumption of energy, but in the crush operations, most of the energy input grinding machinery are converted into heat and absorbed by the crushing machinery, circulating air and smash materials directly used for material grinding, but only a small amount: in the broken machinery, generally no more than 10%; in the grinding machinery, often less than 1%.