April 05 [Sat], 2014, 23:41
正聽著你的打呼聲 坐在旁邊 耳邊放的是 Mahler 5th symphony with Visconti's Death in Venice
不忍叫你起床看Breaking Bad


夢日記 第二十三夜 

March 29 [Sat], 2014, 20:43
I think i still had dreams on Thu. night but I don't recall it anymore.

Today is Sat. I went to bed really late last night. like around 0230, haven't done that for a lone time, being awake this late hr reminded me of college dorm life. Anyways, I had a longer sleep then my usual weekend, had apple and right after lunch, watched some videos and stuff and started to feel a tiny bit of dizzy and light-headed, blame it on the humid air and a on-the-way-getting-hotter Mar.

Decided to take a nap for an hour but ended up like two hours.... so when i woke up it was like almost 1800 and this was the part i hate...about this time in the day, u don't get much daylight in the room esp when you're covered with heavy blankets and you're just suddenly wide awake, literally SNAPS and you're not longer asleep, but you're body's still not in proper function and your head's still actually kinda slow. I always feel like there's this massive power over me, lurking me at this very moment. Today i woke up fm a BLOODY dream, yeah lots of blood and the funny thing was I didn't even started watching the newest HANNIBAL yet 'til started writing this blog down.

I'm having little trouble with my period lately, I'm still not sure what's going on and I'll see it about another week before I go to the clinic, and this dream was actually about my period, blood.
Me and C were in my study room and we were to have sex while aware of the existence of ppl outside the room, my panties dropped on to the floor and there were blood stain on it which I didn't pay much attention at first but the blood stain started to spread...... it was a darkish blood color and seeing it extended to occupy the wooden floor, time went in slow motion and Shifted!
I was in the bathroom, maybe I was in the bathtub, but it didn't matter, bc the tub water was turning red, dark red once again, fm the bottom where you could see there was first a slightly thin line of redness and then it spreader, danced seductively like showing off malice. I believe it was in sec and what left me in the bathroom was no tub water but blood instead.

We're not having sex this weekend, I hope my period get back to normal real soon cuz I HATE THIS MENTAL TORTURING!

夢日記 第二十二夜 

March 26 [Wed], 2014, 23:56
three days in a roll.
i've had dreams three days in a roll...

the first one, i forgot.

the second one, it was about workplace, our whole team was to move to team A's office area and no one was happy about it, i was so annoyed and upset about it.

the third one, back to my "favorite" deserted mega mall bldg mixed with dry river bed filled with rocks of all kind hidden in the bizarre forest but yet seem very close to the place i've known of.
i was riding this bicycle, asked to literally speeding around, high and low, freaking scary.
flashback of ongoing amusement park fun and familiar faces were around and everything was just lost, the true purpose of the dream was lost in the smokes of malice illusion, probably would not be found ever again like always.

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